by Monte Ruder, Head of Growth at Tango340b


Hello fellow 340B Report readers. As this is our very first publication on this forum, I would like to take a quick moment to briefly introduce my organization, Tango340B. We are a collective of mission-driven professionals, dedicated to serving organizations who provide care to vulnerable patient populations. While our array of services is continuously expanding, our central purpose is to improve access to care for the underserved, help safety-net providers navigate the complexities of the 340B program, maximize resources to meet the needs of every community, ensure regulatory compliance, and facilitate ongoing HRSA audit readiness. Our team is seasoned, knowledgeable, service-focused, and passionate about helping organizations get the most value out of their 340B programs.

340B Report Partnership

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a few words about our partnership with the 340B Report. Let me preface this by saying that I recognize that those of you who are reading this article are likely fans already. For those of you who are new to the 340B Report, welcome! You made a wise choice – your investment in the 340B Report is money well spent. My entire team and I depend on this exceptional forum to stay looped into the latest developments coming out of D.C. and beyond that impact the overall program, participating covered entities, and the patients who depend on it for their health care and pharmacological therapies. We are grateful and appreciative of the amazing job that 340B Report have done putting this resource together. Cultivating this partnership was one the best and easiest decisions I have made in my role at Tango340B.

Our Approach

I would like to conclude this short introduction to Tango340B by giving you a sense of the topics that you can expect from us moving forward. Our team is comprised of deep, clinical and/or technical subject matter experts in the 340B space. Their core competencies range from regulatory compliance and legal matters, to program implementation and expansion, to direct patient care and engagement. We will utilize this forum as a way by which to offer these experts a voice to convey their knowledge and professional passions. You will learn about them as people, the motivation behind their individual missions, and benefit when they share nuggets of wisdom that they have picked up working in the 340B space over the years. I personally extend this promise: we won’t use this forum for uninvited sales pitches. Our primary goal is to be of service and to make a material difference in the quality of care for those members of our communities who have traditionally been underserved and left behind. We welcome dialogue, knowledge sharing, and partnerships with everybody who is similarly motivated. It has been my pleasure to kick off the Tango340B series and look forward to you joining us next time as we dive right in!

With Gratitude,

Monte Ruder, Head of Growth

Email: monte.ruder@tango340b.com

Phone: 704-607-6462

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