The Power of Partnership: Work with an Administrator that Understands Independent Pharmacies


It is my pleasure to introduce our company to 340B Report’s readers. RxPreferred Benefits is a fully transparent 340B Administrator and Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) founded, and solely owned, by independent pharmacy representatives. Privately held and headquartered in Nashville, TN, RxPreferred operates nationally, partnering with a wide range of clients including: 340B covered entities, self-funded employers, hospitals, health systems, hospices, pharmacies, brokers, and third-party administrators.


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340B Hospitals Make Their Case to Supreme Court for Ending Deep Medicare Drug Payment Cuts

Hospital groups filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday in their lawsuit challenging the deep cut in 340B hospitals' Medicare Part B drug reimbursement.

Federal health officials “violated unambiguous statutory commands” in 2018 when they lowered lower Medicare Part B drug reimbursement rates for 340B hospitals by nearly 30% and their decision should be set aside, hospital groups and individual hospitals told the U.S.

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Evolving Payor Strategies to Control Spending on Specialty Medications


The challenges that ‘white bagging’ poses for patients and providers are gaining attention as more health plans mandate these policies. ‘White bagging’ disrupts traditional ‘buy-and-bill’ practices for provider-administered drugs, creating patient safety concerns, operational problems, and financial challenges for covered entities.

Impact of ‘White Bagging’ Policies on Covered Entities

In the traditional ‘buy-and-bill’ model, covered entities maintain control of the

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“Need to Know” – Visante’s Series of Key Takeaways for HRSA Grantees

SPONSORED CONTENT by Kristin Fox-Smith and William Wood, Visante

Those of us actively engaged in the 340B Program are well aware of the scores of issues faced by participating hospitals and it’s not surprising since they account for an exceptionally large percentage of all HRSA audits. But, what about other types of Covered Entities (CEs), such as the Specialty Clinics and Grantees?

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Spring Cleaning: Three Priorities for Tending to Your 340B Program

SPONSORED CONTENT by Madeline Wallack

A highly contagious novel virus, unprecedented demands on providers, new federal programs and funding, losses on preventative care and elective surgeries, and crazy supply shortages. To say that the last year has been overwhelming on 340B entities is a serious understatement.

Like any phase in life where the objective is survival, program maintenance and “busy work” falls by the wayside.  Unfortunately,

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Podcast: Dynamics of 340B Program Spotlight the Value of Strong Pharmacy-Finance Partnerships


The devastating double-whammy of Medicare Part B payment cuts and COVID-19 has again highlighted the 340B program’s significance to hospital finance. Once relegated to the hospital’s basement pharmacy, the 340B program is increasingly a topic of boardroom and C-suite discussions.

In the latest episode of Omnicell’s The Future of Pharmacy podcast, learn how health systems can leverage a vibrant, pharmacy-finance partnership to drive

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State Attorney General Is Investigating Lilly and AstraZeneca’s 340B Pricing

Eli Lilly and AstraZeneca are the latest drug makers to disclose that they have been subpoenaed by Vermont's top law enforcement official for documents and information about their participation in 340B. | Shutterstock
Eli Lilly and AstraZeneca are the latest drug makers to disclose they have received a subpoena from the Vermont attorney general’s office related to their denials of 340B ceiling prices on drugs shipped to contract pharmacies.
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Key Factors To Consider To Ensure Effective Management of a 340B Pharmacy Program


It’s becoming increasingly difficult for Covered Entities (CEs) to effectively manage their 340B pharmacy programs.  Often times understaffed relative to the task of handling the myriad of challenges that come with managing a 340B program, they face a seemingly constant barrage of maneuvering and attacks aimed at reducing their 340B benefit.  In response, many Covered Entities are evaluating new strategies to strengthen or reinvigorate their program. If your Covered Entity is taking a fresh

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Webinar: Strategies to Protect 340B and Ensure Access to Vital Health Care, Wed., April 28, 3 PM ET


Please join us for a conversation about why protecting the 340B program is critical to ensuring patient access to health care as well as a legislative update on what’s happening with manufacturers and contract pharmacies, discriminatory reimbursement, and state carve outs.

Learn how Covered Entities can advocate on behalf of themselves and their patients and the tools necessary to support your advocacy efforts. Our

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