Optimizing 340B Savings Through Referral Capture

25% – 35%
of a hospital’s contract pharmacy opportunity lies in referral prescriptions

There are several ways to enhance, boost, and optimize 340B savings. This white paper looks at how capturing referrals can benefit a covered entity’s 340B program savings and mission.


According to HRSA guidelines, a covered entity may send a patient to an outside clinic not registered with 340B and consider the patient 340B-eligible only if that patient receives care from a

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Women in 340B – March 30th at 3PM ET – Webinar Sponsored by Community Voices for 340B


Please join our panel of four exceptional leaders, at the forefront of 340B, as they discuss the impact of women in 340B. The event is hosted by Community Voices for 340B (CV-340B).  We will dive into the program’s history, the amazing women who are currently shaping the program, and why 340B disproportionately impacts women as beneficiaries.

Join us – you won’t want to miss this!

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The Patient Journey: Are You Missing Something?


Do you provide clinical care for patients living with or at risk of HIV? If so, you know how important it is to consider their needs beyond the clinic visit.

The patient journey is not linear. Social stigma, family issues, mental health challenges, financial hardship, and fear of discrimination are only a few obstacles patients may

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Verity 340B Webinar Series – March 9-11

Verity Solutions, the award-winning provider of 340B drug pricing program software and services, has announced an upcoming webinar series: “Experience Verity 340B Webinar Series,” March 9-11, 2021.

Featuring Verity 340B and industry experts, each webinar is less than 30 minutes and offers the opportunity to hear about various topics based on interest areas. The series is for anyone curious to learn how Verity’s 340B solutions might enhance their Covered Entity’s 340B program performance. It is open to anyone looking for

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Proven Strategies 340B Covered Entities Can Use to Enhance the Specialty Pharmacy Experience for Patients

SPONSORED CONTENT Delivering an excellent customer experience is crucial for 340B covered entities seeking to differentiate their in-house specialty pharmacy services from those of external specialty pharmacies. As in other industries, providing great service will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty,

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