How A Skilled 340B Coordinator Is Key To Achieving Your Mission


The role of a 340B Coordinator is critical and there are specific educational requirements needed to be able to successfully manage a 340B drug discount program. Close oversight of your 340B program will result in critically important financial savings, but it is a complex and often difficult undertaking.

The key to a successful 340B Coordinator greatly depends on knowledge and practical training. The coordinator needs to not only have a keen understanding of the program itself but the skills necessary to compliantly administer the program.  This includes ensuring that your institution can optimize its savings but also remain compliant with a complex set of rules and regulations.

The Role of a 340B Coordinator

The Coordinator should serve as the point person and team leader of all audits and provide expertise to staff and participants regarding ongoing compliance. He or she synthesizes and analyzes data related to 340B participation including performing routine audits, maintaining policies and procedures, assisting in gathering information for recertification, monitoring contract pharmacy feasibility, and is responsible for day-to-day administration and operation of the 340B program. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Importance of Ongoing Education

With ever-changing HRSA and 340B industry rules and regulations, 340B Coordinators must be astute in the ability to stay on top of trends and actions taken by other players in the 340B ecosystem. This makes ongoing education (industry webinars, in-person events, conferences, staying on top of 340B news) critical to knowing how to compliantly navigate constant changes in the industry.

What to Look for in a Training Program

Here are three things to consider when training a colleague or if you’re in search of quality 340B Coordinator training:

1. Make sure the training includes practical 340B expertise that you can easily implement.

Seek out education where you will gain more than just information about 340B. It’s critical that the education programs that you choose show you how to successfully and compliantly run a 340B program.

2. Get the right 340B revenue to achieve your mission.

When it comes to 340B compliance, there’s only one right number of total savings for your organization. Find an educational program that will help you find your one right number. Learn what you need to know to do your 340B job successfully.

3. One-on-one training sessions.

It’s one thing to learn about 340B. Make sure you gain a deeper understanding with personalized one-on-one sessions with experts to discuss the needs of your specific organization.

A 340B Coordinator’s Specific Daily Tasks and Knowledge Skills

We’ve identified key knowledge skills of a 340B Coordinator – from practical skills to daily operational tasks. Here are just some of those you need to keep in mind:

  • Understanding of the 340B statute and prevention of diversion and duplicate discounts
  • The ability to extract necessary data from OPAIS, 340B TPA software, wholesaler portals
  • Ability to navigate and find information in the entity’s electronic health record system
  • Capable of collaborating with multiple departments (finance, pharmacy, nursing, purchasing, compliance) to accomplish work
  • Strong analytical skills for identifying root causes of problems, pharmacy feasibility, etc.
  • Understanding of what is necessary to perform audit functions, including:
    • OPAIS database, covered entity registration, pharmacy service agreements, 340B approved claims, eligibility requirements, clinic or hospital outpatient administered drugs, invoices, and dispensations, MEF comparison to what the entity is doing in practice to maintain auditable records, understanding of how conditions, configurations or filters are applied in 340B TPA software, data sent to 340B TPAs is adequate and accurate, cash cards/drug discount cards are set up and working correctly per the CE specifications, wholesaler price loads are accurate.
  • The ability to work effectively at both detail and big-picture levels and to drive initiatives forward 

Day-to-day Operational Support Skills Necessary

  • Develops and maintains internal relationships and external relationships (wholesalers, manufacturers, contract pharmacies, and third-party administrator [TPA] vendors) as needed
  • Actively engages with senior leadership and participates in decision-making related to the implementation of new 340B initiatives and procedures
  • Ensures that policies and procedures are developed, implemented, and maintained according to organizational, federal, state, and local requirements and guidelines.  Ensure these P&Ps are approved by the institution’s legal department
  • Provides and receives ongoing 340B training, education, and communication.
  • Develops training/competency materials for all employees who work with 340B
  • Regularly communicates with all staff involved with the 340B program to ensure that processes remain efficient and to address any problems or suggestions for improvement
  • Monitors and assesses 340B guidance and/or rule changes, including, but not limited to HRSA/OPA rules and Medicaid changes. Attends regular 340B trainings and shares lessons and hot topics with staff

At CaptureRx, our mission is to enable yours. If you or your colleagues would like to learn more about 340B Coordinator training, please reach out to us. We’re here to help and guide you through any courses that would benefit your entity.

Chris Hotchkiss, is co-founder & CEO of CaptureRx. He can be reached at

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