In Celebration of Pride and 340B


The month of June is the start of a magical time across much of the United States. This year’s Pride Month brings in a little extra celebratory oomph as we begin to come out on the other side of a lockdown, and pandemic, that has had a profound impact on us all. While it does not appear like there is ever going to be that obvious “all clear” signal that we all desire, slowly but surely, we are starting to move towards the first indications of a truly post-COVID world.

With this past year as perspective, we can’t help but think about the many LGBTQ individuals who share a unique perspective, unwavering resilience, and a traumatic collective experience following a disease that directly targeted their community – HIV/AIDS. We each know members of our communities who lived through, suffered and died during the acute phase of the AIDS epidemic. These same individuals, and communities, continue to be disproportionately impacted by the ravages of this terrible illness. While it may no longer be the death sentence that ended the lives of so many vibrant individuals, it remains a serious illness, resulting in a great deal of suffering for many. Combating the health repercussions and social impact of the AIDS virus requires tremendous resources to allow individuals to lead normal, active lives.

So, while June is rightfully a time to celebrate and share pride in the ability of historically marginalized Americans to be truly who they are, to love who they want to love, and to live lives on their own terms – it is also a time for us to remember that this is a group that continues to remain vulnerable to discrimination and to a disease that does not discriminate. And so, the month of June is not just a month of pride and celebration but should also be a month of gratitude and awareness. We should take this opportunity to voice our support for the LGBTQ community and show our gratitude to the people who have dedicated their lives towards serving people who remain vulnerable, disproportionately impacted by AIDS and related illnesses. The Tango team would like to celebrate and give thanks to the Ryan White and STD Clinics across the United States who treat, support, and serve.

Please join Tango on June 4th at 1 p.m. EST for a panel discussion webinar. Our exceptional and dedicated panelists will share personal stories, unique perspectives, and sage wisdom gained through years in the trenches as prominent leaders in the RWC and 340B space.

As we all know, the 340B program remains at risk. It is important for us all to celebrate the positive impact the program has had and to advocate on behalf of its continued viability to ensure that it can continue to benefit so many people across our country. Please join us in support, in celebration, and in gratitude!

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