Summitt – A Powerful Partnership Between Respected 340B Experts Providing Unparalleled Integrity and Audit Services


We are excited to announce that Assent Consulting and Washington D.C.-based Powers Law, the leading 340B law firm, have partnered together to develop a groundbreaking compliance offering – Summitt. This program is being extended to community health centers and clinics across the nation, delivering compliance confidence.

With a robust double support approach, Summitt provides multiple services not found elsewhere. Each of the services are provided by seasoned 340B experts with a unique understanding of both the operational and compliance aspects of the program.

Assent Consulting Services:

340B Program Annual Audit
A detailed examination of claim compliance, provider eligibility, inventory as well as OPAIS accuracy is completed. An audit report outlining risk and recommendations is provided.  

Policy & Procedure Review
A full review of current P&P’s, stakeholder interviews are then compared against best practices. Clients are presented with a list of recommendations.  

Corrective Action Plan Service
Examination is completed of your final HRSA OPA Audit on all key findings, we then prepare recommendations for a Corrective Action Plan.  

Powers, Pyles, Sutter & Verville Services:

Compliance Assistance
Clients receive direct access to a Summitt dedicated Powers representative that will review 340B program integrity issues and offer guidance.  

Educational Webinars– Exclusive Access
Summitt clients gain access to invitation only, live webinars. These will focus on hot topics that are currently trending in the 340B industry.   

Technical Assistance
Powers will provide access to representatives that are on the inside track, with robust knowledge on 340B program developments.

“We are pleased to partner with Assent Consulting to help address covered entity questions about the 340B program,” said Bill von Oehsen of Powers Law. “This joint effort will improve safety net organizations’ knowledge of 340B requirements, help them prepare for HRSA audits and provide them with up-to-date information on regulatory and legislative developments that could directly affect both their use of the program and their compliance status,” he added.

Colleen DiClaudio, President of Assent added, “Our exciting partnership with Powers has enabled us to jointly develop a 340B integrity program like no other. While Assent’s 340B experts have continually provided consulting and audits for covered entities for many years, this impressive new compliance program, Summitt, affords clinics consulting provided by our compliance experts, as well as dedicated access to Powers Law Firm for inside track 340B developments and guidance. We are delighted to offer a solution that not only enables organizations to remain compliant, but also provides education and direction.”

Summitt will change the way that covered entities approach their 340B Program compliance.  Through our partnership, you will be able to confidently oversee a successful program that follows the requirements set by HRSA’s Office of Pharmacy Affairs.

Please join us on April 8th at 11:00 am ET for a live webinar with Peggy Tighe and Bill von Oehsen from Powers, along with Colleen DiClaudio of Assent. We will provide a detailed overview and dive into the compliance program Summitt. Please click here to register.

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