tangoRx Solutions Acquires 340B Pharmacy Leader RPH Innovations

Reflecting back on the past 18 months of my professional life, I can’t help but feel like that opening sentence from the old classic by Charles Dickens, the Tale of Two Cities – while overutilized to the point of cliché – is highly apropos. Starting in the summer of 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic, during a period of much uncertainty and universal angst, I began my journey as employee #1 at tangoRx Solutions. Looking back, it really was the “the best of times” and the “worst of times”. On the one hand, I had the opportunity to start and grow a company aligned around a passion towards improving healthcare for the vulnerable and underserved, it was a professional dream come true. However, it came during a time of discomfort and uncertainty that I, as all of us, felt about almost every other aspect of my life, as well as an incredible concern for the people who are near and dear to me.

As we are just starting to collectively come up for air from the depths of the pandemic, it is with no small measure of pride and gratitude that I’m able to look back at this period of time and say that the challenges indeed made us stronger. From that first lone employee, we have now grown the team to almost 90 of the hardest working and most dedicated people you will find anywhere. If anything, the experience of the pandemic served to underscore how crucial it is to invest in and support high quality healthcare. Driven by this collective purpose, we are now fortunate enough to serve dozens of 340B eligible safety net providers across the United States.

It is very clear to us that organizational needs are as diverse as the communities and the people that they treat. Some of our clients are highly sophisticated and well-resourced entities, with a great deal of in-house 340B expertise and experience. All they needed was access to the right technology to ensure the success of their program. Other are small and nimble but are operating on a shoestring budget and lack the internal resources to make the most of their 340B program.

It is with that knowledge and empathy for our clients that I am so very excited to announce the most important decision in the life of tangoRx Solutions so far! It is my pleasure to welcome the amazing team and the exceptional expertise of RPh Innovations (RPHi) into the tangoRx family. As one of the most reputable and highly regarded 340B program management providers, RPHi uniquely helps us support our overall mission of building healthier communities across the US. With RPHi at our side, we are able to offer just the right level of support and services to all 340B covered entities by meeting them and their needs – right where they are.

The mission at RPHi is to provide just the right level of support to ensure program compliance while maximizing 340B savings for the benefit of the communities served.  Since the very first client relationship in 2011, RPHI has remained focused on providing agile service and technology that champions access to 340B savings for Covered Entities and Contract Pharmacies. The RPHi team specializes in customized pharmacy, healthcare, and 340B solutions, specifically designed for safety net provider organizations. The RPHi team of deep subject matter experts leverage their experience, national level relationships, and local market knowledge to deliver personalized, community centric 340B solutions. In partnership of the RPHi team, tangoRx Solutions will offer more robust service to our clients in the following areas:

• Access to resources and the knowledge to maximize overall 340B program performance

• Ongoing and sustained 340B program management

• Contract pharmacy solicitation

• Implementation of policies and procedures required to ensure program compliance

• Depth of experience and leadership to continually innovate as the 340B landscape evolves

• Utilization of 340B data aggregation to simplify operational processes

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Rob and Kathy Johnson, RPHi co-founders, and the wonderful team that they have built over the past 10+ years. You make us and our entire organization better!

With Gratitude,

Monte Ruder

Monte Ruder , Head of Growth at tangoRx Solutions, can be reached at 704-607-6462 or monte.ruder@tangorxsolutions.com.

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