A majority of the drug manufacturers that have restricted 340B sales involving contract pharmacy still offer 340B discounts if covered entities submit their contract pharmacy claims data via industry vendor Second Sight Solutions’ 340B ESP platform. Despite some misgivings, many entities have decided to share their data. Others are still on the fence. Many important questions remain. Among them:

  • How much time and work does it take to submit data?
  • How long does it take to get 340B discounts restored?
  • What comes first? Claims submission or price restoration?
  • Are there adequate privacy protections for health care providers and their patients?
  • Could the data be used to cut entities’ drug reimbursement or hurt them in other ways?
  • Who is on the hook if entities do everything they are asked to and 340B pricing is still denied?

Join 340B Report for its first-ever webinar on May 18 from 1:30 PM—3:00 PM Eastern to learn more about 340B ESP, its recently updated terms of use, its claims submission process, and more.

Our objective is not to debate the current legal dispute between the federal government and drug manufacturers. Rather, it is to help entities understand and possibly make tough choices they have never faced before.

You will hear from—and be able to pose questions to—a range of 340B stakeholders including:

***This complimentary event is exclusively for 340B Report paid subscribers and sponsors.  If your organization is not a paid subscriber (i.e. you do not have a user license), sign up now at a special 25% percent discount using code 340BWebinar25.  The special discount is only available for first-time subscribers.  Free trial subscribers cannot attend the webinar unless they pay for a subscription prior to registration. 

Space is limited. Registration deadline is May 16. Questions? Email reshma.eggleston@340breport.com.

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