Join Us to Celebrate Voices of Women in 340B


Not only is March when we officially say good-bye to winter and welcome in spring, but importantly it is also when we recognize and celebrate the massive impact of women leaders and innovators on our history as a nation. As healthcare professionals, regardless of our gender identification, we all have had a long standing and unique perspective on the importance of women leaders in our field. For generations, healthcare in the United States has been profoundly shaped by women, arguably more than any other field besides education. Women have been running the most prestigious care provider organizations, institutions of higher learning and research, corporate boardrooms, and legislative bodies at the state and federal level.

Undeniably, the future trends in healthcare leadership show more and more women from every racial and cultural background stepping in to be at the helm – a change that could not have happened without the many intrepid pioneers who came before us. Just consider, the latest data shows that 54% of all current matriculating M.D. ‘s and a whooping 71% of all PhD students in the Health and Medical Sciences are women. Both sets of data are from 2019 and if the upward trends continue to be true to form, these figures actually undercount the realities of 2022. As we sit today, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) chairs the Senate committee that oversees healthcare while Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (D-CA) chairs the House subcommittee on healthcare at the federal level. Rest assured that a similar leadership dynamic of women rising to the top is occurring in state legislatures as well.

With this as the backdrop, tangoRx is honored to host our second annual Women in History symposium, entitled Voices of Women in 340B. Much like the rest of the healthcare field, 340B has some of the best and brightest women leaders to be found anywhere. It is our pleasure to bring to you several of these voices. Please join us to hear about the amazing impact, the personal professional experiences, the lessons learned, and glean advice from three exceptional leaders who represent several different modalities in the 340B space.

More information and registration below – please join us!

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