Making the Most of Your 340B Program with a Comprehensive Pharmacy Strategy


The world of 340B has been in a state of dynamic change for several years. The covered entities navigating it with the most success have comprehensive pharmacy strategies. This helps them maximize both the value of their participation and the opportunities provided by pharmacy services and the 340B program.

In this article, we’ll review what goes into creating a comprehensive pharmacy strategy, including important questions to consider, pharmacy enterprise development, and performance optimization.

3 Key Questions to Consider

Launching your strategy beyond contract pharmacy and split billing requires answering critical questions for your entity:

  • What is the right mix of pharmacy services for your health center, hospital, or health system?
  • How can you improve the performance of the services you have?
  • What else can you offer that supports your patients and creates financial value?

Through our consulting services, Hudson Headwaters 340B works with covered entities to

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