340B Report is the indispensable source of independent, comprehensive news coverage and analysis of the federal 340B drug discount program. We follow all 340B program developments big and small—in federal government agencies, Congress, courts, the states, associations, the private sector, academia, and more. 

Each Tuesday and Thursday, and when breaking news happens, you can count on us.  If your success rides on staying on top of 340B, 340B Report has you covered.

The 340B Report Difference

  • 340B Report is authoritative. We have a combined five decades of experience in journalism and with the 340B program. That background informs our reporting and analysis in a way unmatched by others. 340B Report is timely. We report and analyze news about 340B as it happens and alert you in real time.
  • 340B Report is independent. Some publications that cover 340B are for trade association members or business clients only. 340B Report has no affiliation and reports without spin. Anyone can subscribe.
  • 340B Report is digestible. We collect intelligence from an array of sources and weave it into a concise briefing for subscribers. We provide original reporting, analysis that is easy to comprehend.
  • 340B Report is focused. Some publications cover 340B ad hoc or among a host of topics. 340B Report concentrates on 340B.

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