New York Times Front Page Story on 340B Program Causes Shockwaves

The New York Times weekend front page story on Bon Secours Mercy Health System’s alleged misuse of the 340B program is creating a stir in the 340B community.

340B stakeholders are responding to a long investigative article in Saturday’s New York Times that accuses a Catholic health system of exploiting the 340B discount program at the expense of one of its inner-city hospitals to enrich its other hospitals

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340B HIV Providers Warn of “Drug Industry Disinformation Campaign”

Drug manufacturers’ true goal is to cripple the 340B program, says Shannon Stephenson, RWC-340B President and CEO of Cempa Community Cares.

Ryan White Clinics for 340B Access (RWC-340B), a national organization of 340B HIV/AIDS medical providers, has published a detailed rebuttal of several recently published articles criticizing the 340B program.

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PhRMA, BIO, and Others Unleash a Torrent of 340B Hospital Criticism

Headline from recent blog post by PhRMA spokesperson Nicole Longo.

340B disproportionate share hospitals (DSH) in 2020 spent 2.2 times more on outpatient drugs per commercially insured patient than non-340B DSH hospitals and 2.6 times more than other types of 340B hospitals, a new drug industry-funded study shows.

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Ex-Surgeon General Adams Urges 340B Entities to Publicize Program’s Benefits

Ex-U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams urged 340B Coalition summer conference attendees to show they "are fighting to deliver care to the vulnerable and to the underserved." | Credit: 340B Coalition Twitter

Healthcare providers can suppress attacks on and build support for the 340B program by doing more to show the program helps vulnerable patients, the anesthesiologist who served as President Trump’s surgeon general said yesterday.

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340B Coalition Conference Speakers to Providers: Give Us Your Success Stories

“It’s really important to us, and it’s really important to you all … that you tell the story of 340B,” HRSA Administrator Carole Johnson told entities yesterday at the 340B Coalition summer conference.

Top federal 340B program officials and the head of a 340B hospital group yesterday urged covered entity representatives attending a meeting near Washington, D.C., to focus on documenting and telling their 340B success stories.

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340B Hospitals Treat Bigger Shares of Underserved Patients than Non-340B Hospitals and Clinics, Study Finds

340B hospitals treat higher shares of patients who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, Medicare patients with disabilities, and Medicare patients under 65, a new study found.

A new study, conducted by L&M Policy Research on behalf of 340B Health, finds hospitals participating in the 340B program treat much higher shares of underserved patients than non-340B hospitals and physicians’ offices.

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First-Ever Conference Just for 340B Grantee Entities Set for October in Denver

The first-ever 340B conference exclusively for grantee covered entities is being held in Denver in October.

HIV/AIDS clinics and community health centers that participate in the 340B program yesterday announced the first 340B conference exclusively for grantee covered entities, Oct. 18-19 in Denver.

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War Over Hearts and Minds in 340B Battle Heats Up as Hospitals Launch Their Own Campaign

Hospital groups are running ads aimed at getting HHS to" take all available enforcement actions" against drug companies that deny 340B pricing when providers use contract pharmacies.

Groups that represent 340B hospitals and hospital pharmacists have launched a digital advertising campaign “to show policymakers and health care leaders how drug companies’ egregious and unlawful restrictions on 340B contract pharmacies are harming low-income patients, providers, and

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340B DSH Hospitals Upped Services to the Poor During Pandemic’s Brutal First Year, 340B Health Says

Research commissioned by 340B Health found that 340B DSH hospitals spent more on uncompensated and unreimbursed care during COVID-19's first year than the year before despite worsening operating margins.

340B disproportionate share hospitals provided more uncompensated and unreimbursed care during 2020 despite a decline in operating margins associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, a new hospital-funded study shows.

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PhRMA and Private Oncology Practices Slam PBMs’ Role in 340B in Comments to FTC

PhRMA and Community Oncology Alliance submitted comments to the FTC criticizing 340B contract pharmacies in response to the commission’s call for public input on PBMs’ business practices.

Drug makers and independent oncology practices slammed pharmacy benefit managers’ role in 340B contract pharmacy growth in recent public comment to the Federal Trade Commission.

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