Keep 340B Strong, AHA Says in Wall Street Journal Ad

AHA advertisement
The American Hospital Association's ad in The Wall Street Journal said, “It is in the best interest of all to keep the 340B program strong.”

The American Hospital Association purchased a large ad in The Wall Street Journal print edition Tuesday touting the 340B program’s benefits and saying, “It is in the best interest of all to keep the 340B program strong.”


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Hospital and Pharmacy Groups Launch Second Pro-340B Ad Campaign This Year

340B 30th anniversary hospital ad
An ad campaign by 340B hospital and pharmacy groups targets federal policymakers with messages touting the program's good deeds.

340B hospital and pharmacy groups have launched another digital ad campaign touting the 340B program’s benefits to policymakers. It comes amid a rise in negative messages about 340B from the drug industry and conservative think tanks and the

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Hospital Group Says Survey Shows Drug Companies’ 340B Contract Pharmacy Limits Are Harmful

AHA survey depicting hospitals' annualized revenue losses
Drug companies' 340B contract pharmacy limits are harming 340B hospitals and their patients, the AHA says a new member survey shows.

Drug company actions to limit 340B pricing through contract and specialty pharmacies are harming 340B hospitals and their patients, according to a new American Hospital Association member survey.  

AHA released the results yesterday. More than 300 hospitals were surveyed

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Hospital Group Blasts CMS for Delaying Redress for Illegal 340B Drug Payments Cuts

AHA office sign
CMS should "promptly reimburse" hospitals for unlawfully withheld 340B drug reimbursement from 2018 to 2022, the AHA says.

The federal government has had “more than adequate time to correct” its unlawful Medicare Part B payment cuts for hospitals’ 340B purchased drugs from 2018 through 2022 and should promptly reimburse the hospitals it harmed, the American Hospital

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NACHC Seeks Meeting with Becerra About 340B Contract Pharmacy Restrictions After “Inexplicable” ADR Decision

NACHC wordmark
NACHC told HHS Secretary Becerra it has “little choice” but to turn to Congress after an HHS panel dismissed NACHC’s 340B overcharging claims against AstraZeneca and Sanofi.

The National Association of Community Health Centers is asking to meet with U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra to discuss drug companies’ “unlawful restrictions” on 340B drug shipments to contract pharmacies.

NACHC told Becerra in an

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Effort Launched to Create 340C—a Separate Drug Discount Program for Health Centers and Possibly Other Entities

Advocates for Community Health wordmark
National health center group Advocates for Community Health is urging Congress to create a new federal drug discount program named 340C open to health centers, rural hospitals, and federal grantees.

A national community health center association founded last year is launching a campaign to urge Congress to create a separate drug discount program called 340C open to health centers and perhaps rural hospitals and federal grantees.

According to

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New York Times Front Page Story on 340B Program Causes Shockwaves

screenshot of New York Times article, How a Hospital Chain Used a Poor Neighborhood to Turn Huge Profits
The New York Times weekend front page story on Bon Secours Mercy Health System’s alleged misuse of the 340B program is creating a stir in the 340B community.

340B stakeholders are responding to a long investigative article in Saturday’s New York Times that accuses a Catholic health system of exploiting the 340B discount program at the expense of one of its inner-city hospitals to enrich its

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340B HIV Providers Warn of “Drug Industry Disinformation Campaign”

Shannon Stephenson headshot
Drug manufacturers’ true goal is to cripple the 340B program, says Shannon Stephenson, RWC-340B President and CEO of Cempa Community Cares.

Ryan White Clinics for 340B Access (RWC-340B), a national organization of 340B HIV/AIDS medical providers, has published a detailed rebuttal of several recently published articles criticizing the 340B program.  RWC-340B accuses article authors—many of whom are supported by

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PhRMA, BIO, and Others Unleash a Torrent of 340B Hospital Criticism

screenshot of PhRMA blog post September 15, 2022
Headline from recent blog post by PhRMA spokesperson Nicole Longo.

340B disproportionate share hospitals (DSH) in 2020 spent 2.2 times more on outpatient drugs per commercially insured patient than non-340B DSH hospitals and 2.6 times more than other types of 340B hospitals, a new drug industry-funded study shows.

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Ex-Surgeon General Adams Urges 340B Entities to Publicize Program’s Benefits

Former U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams speaking at a conference
Ex-U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams urged 340B Coalition summer conference attendees to show they "are fighting to deliver care to the vulnerable and to the underserved." | Credit: 340B Coalition Twitter

Healthcare providers can suppress attacks on and build support for the 340B program by doing more to show the program helps vulnerable patients, the anesthesiologist who served as President Trump’s surgeon general said yesterday.

“We are fighting to

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