Expert Tip from Hudson Headwaters 340B


TIP: If your entity has not been submitting data to 340B ESP or designating pharmacies associated with certain manufacturers, it may be time to reassess.

If your covered entity has not considered or begun submitting data to 340B ESP or designating specific pharmacies, it may be time to revisit the topic. We have seen an increased impact on 340B savings over the last few years for entities without an entity-owned pharmacy.

Your 340B Third Party Administrator should be able to provide you with impact assessments based on drug manufacturer restrictions for your contract pharmacies. This information can let you know why your 340B savings have been dwindling, as well as provide you with insight on what you can do to restore 340B pricing.

Additionally, most TPAs can assist with the process of ESP submission or designating pharmacies for impacted 340B drugs.

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