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340B Dispute Resolution Proposed Rule Would Eject CMS Staff and HHS Lawyers from Process and Put OPA in Charge

Dispute resolution
The Biden administration wants major changes to the 340B program administrative dispute resolution process, including giving OPA the only votes on ADR panels.

As we were the first to report on Tuesday morning, the Biden administration has proposed major changes to the 340B program administrative dispute resolution process, including stripping the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Department of

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Provider Groups Cite Inaction on 340B Pricing Denials in Their Reactions to Dispute Resolution Proposal

HRSA posted a notice about its proposed rule to revamp the 340B administrative dispute resolution process on the Office of Pharmacy Affairs homepage.

Groups that represent 340B covered entities said they looked forward to studying the federal government’s proposal Tuesday to revamp the 340B administrative dispute process, while the brand drug industry said it is still reviewing the proposal and that 340B remains “plagued

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The Importance of Strong Partnerships to Enhance Patient Care, Reduce Costs and Maximize Compliance

ShaiAnn Howard, 340B Director,Alliance Rx Walgreens Pharmacy


340B providers are facing an unprecedented number of challenges. 340B program managers are forced to react to these changes every day. Having access to clear and understandable data and developing strong relationships with partners in the 340B supply chain are critical to running an effective program. 340B leaders should consider the individual pieces of each 340B program, what

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation Criticizes Idea of Creating a 340C Program for Non-Hospital Providers

AIDS Healthcare Foundation says taking non-hospital healthcare providers out of 340B and placing them in their own new 340C program is the wrong response to drug industry attacks on the existing program.

Separating the 340B drug discount program into one for hospitals and another for non-hospital healthcare providers would be the wrong response to drug company denials of 340B pricing when providers use contract pharmacies, AIDS Healthcare Foundation said yesterday.

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Local Community Group Continues Late Congressman’s Push for 340B Hospital Oversight

U.S. Rep. A. Donald McEachin (D-Va.), who began an inquiry into alleged 340B program misuse involving a hospital in his district, died from complications of colorectal cancer Monday.

A Richmond, Va., citizen’s group is continuing the fight against a health system accused of 340B program misuse at a hospital in a low-income, majority Black neighborhood in the wake of the death of U.S. Rep. A. Donald

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HHS Enlists Health Centers in Six-Week COVID Vaccine Drive, GOP Leaders Question Funding and Priorities

Covid vaccination
HHS is giving health centers $350 million in unused COVID-19 provider relief funds to increase vaccinations in underserved communities.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said last week it would apply $350 million in unused monies from the COVID-19 Provider Relief Fund to launch a new initiative aimed at increasing COVID-19 vaccinations in underserved

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BREAKING: HRSA Proposes Streamlined, Less Trial-like 340B Dispute Resolution Process

340B ADR
HRSA this morning released its proposed replacement for its December 2020 340B administrative dispute resolution final rule.

The U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration this morning proposed a replacement for its two-year-old 340B administrative dispute resolution process. Comments are due Jan. 30.

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CSL Behring Confirms that First Gene Therapy for Hemophilia B Will Be Available at a 340B Price

CSL Behring
The FDA has approved CSL Behring's first-ever gene therapy to treat adults with hemophilia B.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last week approved the first gene therapy to treat adults with hemophilia B, a genetic bleeding disorder resulting from missing or insufficient levels of a protein needed to make blood clot.

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Health Care as a Human Right? Why Not?


Let’s get this right out on the table: At Avita, we believe health care is a human right.

Polarizing politics aside, as an advanced, civilized society, we have an ethical obligation to care for the medical needs of every U.S. citizen compassionately and equitably, regardless of their race, gender, sexual identity, or ability to

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