Expert Tip From Hudson Headwaters 340B


TIP: Make sure you keep an eye on your prescriber lists.

As one of the key pillars of 340B contract pharmacy compliance, you want to be sure there aren’t discrepancies associated with your prescribers and the 340B scripts coming through your program.


Some easy ways to stay on top of this include:


  • Make sure you have a documented and outlined approach to how you are updating your eligible prescriber lists. Whether you are updating/configuring the list in your TPA’s portal or sending a routine update email to your TPA, the information within your policies and procedures should be followed by the staff person overseeing your program.


  • When conducting internal audits, you should always keep an eye on the prescriber column to ensure scripts associated with terminated prescribers aren’t still being included in your program.


  • Your TPA should be able to provide you with a file/list of omitted 340B claims and the reasons they were not accepted. Entities should review these routinely and look for scripts that were denied based on prescribers and determine whether said prescribers should have been listed on their active prescriber lists.

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