Amazon Is Opening its Employees-only Primary and Urgent Care Service to Companies Nationwide

Amazon Care, the online retailer's expanded telehealth and home-visit health care service, includes “prescription delivery right to a patient’s door.” | Amazon
Online retailer Amazon announced yesterday that it began offering companies in Washington state access to its Amazon Care telehealth and home-visit primary and urgent health care services, which include “prescription delivery right to a patient’s door.”
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Opposition to Express Scripts’ 340B Claims ID Requirement Grows

U.S. Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) said her successful amendment today to a spending bill sends big pharma the message "Stop hiking drug prices on consumers and discriminating against our 340B providers and pharmacies."
Legislation addressing pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts’ (ESI) new claims identification requirement for 340B drugs could be introduced in Congress soon, advisers to 340B covered entities said yesterday.

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Providers Worried About Humana’s 340B Claims ID and Data-Reporting Conditions

340B covered entities are worried that Humana may begin widespread rejection of claims for prescriptions filled with 340B drugs, and may begin auditing 340B claims more aggressively.
Health insurance company Humana has begun sending pharmacy provider agreements for 2022 to 340B-participating pharmacies, with claims-identification and data-reporting conditions that some 340B providers say are unsettling. They say the agreements are to be signed and returned within 30 days
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340B Report Publisher/CEO: Look for a Return to an Era of 340B Guidance

Recent developments in federal court bode well for 340B providers trying to restore access to 340B pricing in the contract pharmacy setting, 340B Report Publisher and CEO Ted Slafsky’s take in his latest column for the Omnicell blog
The Biden administration’s embrace of the federal government’s traditional stance on the enforceability of program guidance—which the Trump administration rejected—may lead to stronger enforcement of 340B program guidance and possibly even the issuance of new 340B guidelines, 340B Report Publisher
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Express Scripts’ New 340B Rules Will Have Big Impact on Contract Pharmacy and Drug Reimbursement, Providers and Consultants Say

340B covered entities fault Express Scripts for not communicating with them more effectively about changes in its 340B claims identification and reporting requirements, which the entities consider to be major.
340B covered entities say they are deeply concerned about pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts’ (ESI) requirements, effective Monday, governing what pharmacies in the PBM’s network must do when they identify that a previously submitted claim is 340B-eligible. Last night, ESI
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Express Scripts’ New 340B Claims ID Requirement Has Covered Entities Worried

The 340B Coalition told Express Scripts that covered entities cannot comply with its new 340B claims submission and identification requirement absent "a massive investment of financial and human resources." | Shutterstock
Pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts late yesterday began notifying 340B covered entities by email that, effective March 1, it “will require a new identification method for submitting and identifying 340B eligible claims.”

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Bausch Health Confirms 340B Rapprochement with AmeriSourceBergen

Bausch Health last week confirmed on HRSA's website that AmeriSourceBergen has resumed distributing Bausch's 340B priced brand products. | Shutterstock
Drug manufacturer Bausch Health last week said on the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration website that its branded NDCs “will once again be available at the 340B ceiling price” through AmeriSourceBergen Corp. (ABC) “for eligible 340B purchases made by
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AmeriSourceBergen Has Resumed Distributing 340B-Priced Bausch Health Drugs

340B pricing on Bausch Health products is being restored to AmeriSourceBergen's ordering platforms, 340B Report has learned. | Source: Shutterstock
Drug manufacturer Bausch Health and distributor AmeriSourceBergen Corp. (ABC) apparently have settled their differences and 340B pricing on Bausch Health products is being restored to ABC’s ordering platforms, 340B Report has learned.

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Half of Health Care Execs Surveyed Expect Biden to Act on Pharma’s 340B Pricing Denials

Half of health care industry executives surveyed last month think President Biden will take action against drug manufacturers that have stopped offering 340B pricing on their products. | Source: Advis
Half (50 percent) of a sample of health care industry C-suite executives surveyed last month expect the Biden administration to “formally obligate drug manufacturers to offer 340B pricing,” consulting firm Advis reports in its first health care industry leadership survey
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New Walgreens Leader Will Be Fortune 500’s Sole Black Female CEO

Walgreens Boots Alliance has chosen Roz Brewer to be its new CEO effective March 15. She will be the sole Black woman running a Fortune 500 company.
Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) this week appointed veteran business chief executive Rosalind (Roz) Brewer as WBA’s chief executive officer effective March 15. The appointment will make Brewer the sole Black female CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
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