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BREAKING: HRSA Awards 340B Prime Vendor Agreement to Apexus

BREAKING: HRSA Awards 340B Prime Vendor Agreement to Apexus

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) announced this morning that it has awarded the 340B Prime Vendor Agreement to Apexus LLC after a competitive bid process.

“The 340B Prime Vendor will continue to support the distribution of covered outpatient drugs through the 340B Drug Pricing Program and as a resource to 340B stakeholders,” HRSA said in a brief notice on the Office of Pharmacy Affairs homepage. The notice directs readers to “get more information and technical assistance via the 340B Prime Vendor Program.”

As 340B Report Publisher and CEO Ted Slafsky noted in a September 2019 column, Apexus has been running the 340B Prime Vendor Program since 2003 under a series of competitively bid agreements with HRSA. “Over the years, Apexus has expanded its services from negotiating drug prices and helping with distribution to other areas, including serving as the government’s exclusive technical assistance provider, offering a certification program, hosting 340B University, contracting with pharmaceutical companies to distribute refunds, and more,” he wrote.

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