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Appeals Court Questions Yet Again if it Has Jurisdiction Over Lilly’s 340B Contract Pharmacy Case

Frank Easterbrook
Federal appeals court Judge Frank Easterbrook is pictured during an appearance on C-SPAN in 2013. Easterbrook during a court hearing today questioned whether a closely watched 340B contract pharmacy case was ripe for appellate review.

A federal appeals court judge in Chicago expressed doubt during a hearing this morning that the court can review a lower court decision in drug manufacturer Eli Lilly’s 340B contract pharmacy lawsuit.

Judge Frank Easterbrook, the senior judge

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Second of Three U.S. Appeals Court Hearings on 340B Contract Pharmacy Is Set for Monday

US Appeals Court Seventh Circuit
Oral arguments are scheduled for this Monday at the federal appeals court in Chicago over Lilly's 340B contract pharmacy restrictions.

Now that a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., has heard arguments in Novartis and United Therapeutics’ 340B contract pharmacy lawsuits, the scene shifts to Chicago, where an appeals court will hear arguments Monday morning in Eli Lilly’s

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AIDS Advocates Holding Weeklong Protest Over Gilead’s 340B Contract Pharmacy Restrictions and Changes In Patient Assistance Program

AIDS advocates are holding a week long series of protests outside Gilead's California headquarters.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) members are staging a weeklong, twice-daily series of protests at drug maker Gilead Science’s Northern California headquarters to protest the company’s policy to impose conditions on 340B providers that use contract pharmacies to dispense

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HRSA Cites Almaject for 340B Price Data Lapse, No Sanctions Imposed 

New Jersey-based generic manufacturer Almaject was cited for an infraction by HRSA during a recent audit. However, the company will not be sanctioned.

The U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has cited Almaject, a New Jersey-based maker of generic injectables, with failing to submit quarterly pricing data into the 340B Office of Pharmacy Affairs Information System, although the agency did

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Federal Appellate Judges Ask Lawyers, What is a Bona Fide Offer of 340B Pricing?

Gregory Katsas
Judge Gregory Katsas is on a three-judge panel that will decide the legality of HRSA's 340B program violation letters to Novartis and United Therapeutics. He is shown here speaking at an October 2021 symposium on U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, for whom he clerked. | C-SPAN

Two of three judges on a federal appeals court panel yesterday repeatedly asked lawyers during a highly anticipated hearing in Washington, D.C., what standard the court should use to decide whether drug manufacturers’ 340B contract pharmacy conditions are

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As Interest in Legislation Grows, Congressional Research Service Issues Back-to-Back Reports on 340B Program

Congressional Research Service
The Congressional Research Service issued a four-page backgrounder on litigation over the 340B contract pharmacy program and a two-pager on the entire drug discount program.

Congress’ nonpartisan research office has issued a four-page backgrounder on litigation over the 340B contract pharmacy program and a two-pager on the entire drug discount program. They could be a sign that 340B hearings and/or bills are coming.

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New York State Stands by its 340B-Related Antitrust Claims Against CVS

New York State last week reasserted claims that CVS Health illegally forces 340B providers to use its 340B TPA Wellpartner.

The New York State attorney general last week reasserted that CVS Health abused its market power by forcing 340B covered entities who use CVS to dispense 340B-priced drugs to use the retail chain’s third-party administrator Wellpartner to process

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Your Guide to Navigating 340B ESP


The 340B ESP price loading process can be complex. If you’re a covered entity who contracts with outside pharmacies, here’s your guide to navigating 340B ESP, starting with the basics. Equip yourself with these tips to troubleshoot any price loading roadblocks you may encounter, and ensure pricing is loaded as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Review of 340B ESP (Second

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Feds in Mediation with Tenn. Health System that Allegedly Paid for Referrals to Boost 340B Profits

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare
Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare and the federal government are meeting with a mediator over the government's 340B-related False Claims Act suit against the system. Methodist says the claims are without merit.

The federal government and a Tennessee health system are meeting with a mediator in connection with a whistleblower lawsuit that alleges that the system paid Memphis-area cancer physicians for referrals that generated $50 million in profits in one

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