340B Entities Keeping Watch on Bills to Create State Drug Affordability Boards

The Colorado General Assembly is one of nine state legislatures considering bills to create state drug affordability boards.
Nine states are considering legislation to create boards to review prescription drug prices and intervene to lower them if drugs become too expensive or if their prices spike. Although the board’s implications for the 340B program have not been fully
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Utah Might Soon Outflank Express Scripts’ New 340B Requirement

Utah lawmakers have passed and sent to the governor a bill that would forbid insurers or their PBMs from forcing federally qualified health centers to include modifiers on claims identifying drugs as being 340B purchased, Medicaid claims excepted.
Pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts’ (ESI) new pharmacy reporting requirement for reclassifying a previously submitted prescription drug claim as 340B-eligible “applies to the extent not prohibited by law,” the PBM says in an FAQ on its website. Utah is on
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State Activity to Rein in PBM Discrimination Against 340B Entities Heats Up

Tennessee is one of at least six states weighing legislation to forbid PBM discrimination against 340B covered entities.
At least six states have introduced or passed bills in recent weeks that would forbid pharmacy benefit managers from discriminating against 340B covered entities regarding reimbursements and other practices.

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News Flash: State Attorney General Orders Sanofi to Hand Over 340B Information

So far, none of the other drug companies denying or imposing conditions on 340B pricing on contract pharmacy drugs have publicly reported being subpoenaed by Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan.
Vermont State Attorney General T.J. Donovan (D) has issued a subpoena to drug manufacturer Sanofi “seeking certain information about Sanofi’s 340B program participation,” the company disclosed last week.

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N.Y. and Calif. 340B Pharmacies Get Reprieve From Medicaid Cuts

In both New York State and California, safety-net health care providers say the benefit transfer will cost them millions of dollars in revenues that they cannot afford to lose on 340B purchased drugs billed to Medicaid. | Shutterstock
New York State and California’s nationally watched efforts to transfer their pharmacy programs for low-income individuals from Medicaid managed care to Medicaid fee for service (FFS)—both scheduled to take effect on April 1—have been temporarily placed on hold.
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Calif. Health Centers Ask Newsom to Delay Medi-Cal Drug Benefit Shift Until 2022

California health centers have asked Gov. Gavin Newsom to delay the transfer of Medicaid managed care drug benefits to Medicaid fee for service until next year.
California health centers asked Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Friday to delay implementing his controversial transfer of Medicaid drug benefits from managed care to fee for service until January 2022, to let health centers “focus on the needs of their
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Nevada Ryan White Clinics Furious About State ADAP’s 340B Policy Change

A screen shot of AHF Las Vegas Pharmacy's home page. AHF is leading opposition to a Nevada Medication Assistance Program (NMAP) 340B policy change that it is says will deprive HIV/AIDS clinics of desperately needed 340B savings.
Nevada Ryan White CARES Act grantees enrolled in 340B are strongly protesting a state AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) policy change that the clinics say will deprive them of 340B savings on drugs that pay for housing, transportation, and other
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