Nevada ADAP Postpones Controversial 340B Policy Change

Nevada’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) on Tuesday postponed “through April 1, 2021, if not longer,” a 340B program policy change strongly opposed by the state’s Ryan White CARES Act grantees.

The state health department’s Division of Public and Behavioral Health notified Ryan White Part B grantees about the postponement in a Jan. 12 letter. “After many discussions with community partners” and people living with HIV/AIDS whose health and prescription drug coverage are paid for by the state ADAP, the state hit pause on the change.

Nevada’s ADAP, called the Nevada Medicaid Assistance Program (NMAP), was on track to require 340B covered entities, starting Jan. 18, to refrain from dispensing 340B-purchased drugs to NMAP patients. The carve-out would have let NMAP claim 340B rebates on the drugs. NMAP says it needs the 340B rebate revenue to cover federal matching grant requirements that have grown due to more providers in the state becoming Ryan White program grantees. Ryan White grantees say losing 340B drug discount savings would be catastrophic.

“We’re glad NMAP finally heard the community’s objections and concerns regarding the harms of their decision,” said Patricia Bermudez, Senior Regional Director for AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “We now look forward to working with NMAP to reach a solution that benefits all Nevadans living with HIV/AIDS.”

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