Ex-Surgeon General Adams Urges 340B Entities to Publicize Program’s Benefits

Former U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams speaking at a conference
Ex-U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams urged 340B Coalition summer conference attendees to show they "are fighting to deliver care to the vulnerable and to the underserved." | Credit: 340B Coalition Twitter

Healthcare providers can suppress attacks on and build support for the 340B program by doing more to show the program helps vulnerable patients, the anesthesiologist who served as President Trump’s surgeon general said yesterday.

“We are fighting to deliver care

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340B Coalition Conference Speakers to Providers: Give Us Your Success Stories

large projection of HRSA Administrator Carol Johnson speaking at a podium
“It’s really important to us, and it’s really important to you all … that you tell the story of 340B,” HRSA Administrator Carole Johnson told entities yesterday at the 340B Coalition summer conference.

Top federal 340B program officials and the head of a 340B hospital group yesterday urged covered entity representatives attending a meeting near Washington, D.C., to focus on documenting and telling their 340B success stories.

The need to show that 340B

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340B Hospitals Treat Bigger Shares of Underserved Patients than Non-340B Hospitals and Clinics, Study Finds

bar chart depicting 3 characteristics of patients receiving part B drugs in 2019
340B hospitals treat higher shares of patients who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, Medicare patients with disabilities, and Medicare patients under 65, a new study found.

A new study, conducted by L&M Policy Research on behalf of 340B Health, finds hospitals participating in the 340B program treat much higher shares of underserved patients than non-340B hospitals and physicians’ offices. The study was released on July 29. 


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First-Ever Conference Just for 340B Grantee Entities Set for October in Denver

Aerial view of Denver, Colorado Capitol building dome and cityscape
The first-ever 340B conference exclusively for grantee covered entities is being held in Denver in October.

HIV/AIDS clinics and community health centers that participate in the 340B program yesterday announced the first 340B conference exclusively for grantee covered entities, Oct. 18-19 in Denver. 

Ryan White Clinics for 340B Access (RWC-340B), National Association of Community Health Centers

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War Over Hearts and Minds in 340B Battle Heats Up as Hospitals Launch Their Own Campaign

example of a an ad advocating 340B program support of rural hospitals
Hospital groups are running ads aimed at getting HHS to" take all available enforcement actions" against drug companies that deny 340B pricing when providers use contract pharmacies.

It’s not just the drug industry stepping up its effort to influence the public and policymakers over the increasingly heated battle over the 340B program. 

Groups that represent 340B hospitals and hospital pharmacists have launched a digital advertising campaign “to

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340B DSH Hospitals Upped Services to the Poor During Pandemic’s Brutal First Year, 340B Health Says

Two bar charts comparing 340B DSH hospitals and Non-340B hospitals
Research commissioned by 340B Health found that 340B DSH hospitals spent more on uncompensated and unreimbursed care during COVID-19's first year than the year before despite worsening operating margins.

340B disproportionate share hospitals provided more uncompensated and unreimbursed care during 2020 despite a decline in operating margins associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, a new hospital-funded study shows.

The paper by Dobson DaVanzo for hospital group 340B Health compared 340B

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PhRMA and Private Oncology Practices Slam PBMs’ Role in 340B in Comments to FTC

Federal Trade Commission sign over entrance.
PhRMA and Community Oncology Alliance submitted comments to the FTC criticizing 340B contract pharmacies in response to the commission’s call for public input on PBMs’ business practices.

Growth in 340B covered entities’ use of contract pharmacies to dispense 340B drugs, coupled with growth in pharmacy benefit managers’ control over these pharmacies, has given PBMs an outsized, profit-driven role in the 340B program that does not benefit patients,

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News Alert

NACHC Asks HHS to Swiftly Punish Drug Makers for 340B Pricing Denials Involving Contract Pharmacies

A letter from NACHC to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra
NACHC urged HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra to hold drug manufacturers accountable for restricting shipments of 340B drugs to contract pharmacies.

The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) strongly urged the U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra yesterday “to swiftly impose” fines on drug manufacturers that restrict shipments of 340B-purchased drugs to contract pharmacies and “hold manufacturers accountable

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NACHC Tells Merck its 340B Contract Pharmacy Policy for Health Centers Can Be Explained by “Only Greed”

Merck corporate campus outdoor sign and building
NACHC's president and CEO told her counterpart at Merck the company's decision to impose conditions on 340B on health centers, but not on other grantee covered entities, "cannot be explained by logic, only greed.”

The National Association of Community Health Centers this week strongly urged drug manufacturer Merck to eliminate “all conditions imposed on health centers to receive 340B price drugs at contract pharmacies.”

Merck’s April 28 decision to extend its restrictions on 340B pricing

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NACHC Hopes Congress Will Pass Laws Protecting 340B Providers This Year

screenshot of Joe Dunn with NACHC brand background
NACHC “would love to see” Congress pass legislation by the end of this year protecting health centers from drug manufacturers and PBMs' restrictions on 340B access, NACHC Senior Vice President Joe Dunn said during a news conference yesterday.

The National Association of Community Health Centers “would love to see” Congress pass legislation by the end of this year that stops drug makers from restricting 340B contract pharmacy arrangements and stops pharmacy benefit managers from taking covered entities’ 340B savings, a NACHC

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