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Drug company Lilly is providing refunds for 340B overcharges on 14 NDCs during 3Q 2019.

Lilly Providing Refunds for 340B Overcharges During Q3 2019

Drug manufacturer Lilly is giving 340B covered entities refunds for overcharges on 14 NDCs during Q3 2019 after restating Medicaid average manufacturer prices and best prices “to account for lagged transactional data,” the company says on a notice on the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) website.

Lilly said the price restatements resulted in both upward and downward adjustments to its 340B prices. Its notice includes a table showing nine NDCs whose 340B prices rose.  

“Lilly has elected not to seek recoupment of these underpayments from covered entities,” the notice said.

A handful of other companies have started to include similar language in notices about the availability of refunds for 340B overcharges.

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