New Studies on 340B and Rural Cancer Care and 340B Contract Pharmacy Demographics

Health Affairs
Rural hospitals that enroll in 340B are more likely than others to initiate oncology services, a new study in Health Affairs found.

Rural hospitals that enroll in the 340B drug pricing program are more likely to initiate oncology services than those that do not participate, a study published online Monday in Health Affairs found.

“It’s estimated that around one in five rural

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ASAP 340B and AHA Outreach Documents Are Polar Opposites on 340B DSH Hospitals

A new ASAP 340B document describes how its position on the 340B patient definition would play out under six hypothetical scenarios.

ASAP 340B, the group that drug manufacturers and community health centers formed to advance a joint 340B reform agenda, recently released a two-page explainer on how their plan would change the 340B patient definition. Under it, fewer drugs prescribed at

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340B Providers Don’t Systematically Over-Prescribe Brand Drugs for Profit, JAMA Study Says

Research published in JAMA "found no meaningful difference in overall generic prescribing rates" between 340B and non-340B providers.

340B-eligible providers prescribe generic drugs at the same overall rate as non-340B providers, a study published in JAMA Health Forum found. “We found no evidence that 340B-eligible prescribers were systematically overprescribing brand-name drugs to generate revenue,” the authors said.

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340B Grantees Need More Scrutiny as Drug Margins Rise, Gilead-funded Study Says

Gilead BGR study
340B contract pharmacy arrangements rose 252% for grantee covered entities between 2017 to 2022 compared to 194% for hospitals, a new drug company-funded study found.

Health centers and other federal grantees’ 340B savings and how they use them need more scrutiny, as these covered entities account for a large chunk of total 340B drug sales and their margins are keeping pace with those of hospitals,

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HRSA and Prime Vendor Yank FAQs About 340B Use in Hospital Child Sites, and GAO Issues a New 340B Study

FAQ excerpt
Excerpts from 340B FAQs that HRSA (top) and the 340B prime vendor Apexus (bottom) have removed from their websites.

The U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration midday yesterday and the 340B prime vendor Apexus this morning, in connection with the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency late last night, withdrew mostly identical 340B program FAQs about use of

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340B Sales Growth Rate Softened for Second Straight Year, Data Show

Prescription drug sales at 340B prices softened for the second consecutive year compared with sales growth from 2019 to 2020, data in a new IQVIA white paper show.

Prescription drug sales at 340B prices grew 12.2% year-on-year from 2021 to 2022, drug industry consulting and research firm IQVIA says in a new white paper. That is down 3.7 percentage points compared with 340B sales growth from 2020

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340B Stifles Biosimilar Uptake, Study in Health Affairs Says

Health Affairs
New research in Health Affairs says 340B hospitals are less likely than others to use biosimilar drugs due to financial incentives to use more expensive reference drugs instead.

Research published online yesterday in the journal Health Affairs suggests that 340B hospitals are less likely than others to use biosimilar drugs, “possibly as a result of financial incentives making reference drugs more profitable than biosimilar medications.”

Groups that represent

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340B Hospitals Say Pharma’s Contract Pharmacy Policies Are Costing Them “Billions of Dollars”

340B Hospital savings by drug company bar chart
340B Health says, "For just the first five of the 21 drug companies for which there is a full year of data post-restrictions, the 340B savings for hospitals decreased by an estimated $1.1 billion from 2020 to 2021."

Hospitals’ 340B savings for the first five of the 21 companies to impose conditions on 340B pricing when providers use contract pharmacies decreased by an estimated $1.1 billion from 2020 to 2021, hospital group 340B Health said in a new

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MedPAC’s Call to Replace Medicare DSH Formula Could Spill Over into 340B

MedPAC report to the Congress title page
MedPAC this week recommended replacing the Medicare DSH patient adjustment percentage for Medicare hospital payment purposes. The 340B program uses the same calculation as one of its hospital eligibility criteria.

Congressional Medicare advisers yesterday formally recommended replacing the formula Medicare uses to distribute extra payments to safety net hospitals that disproportionately serve low-income and/or uninsured beneficiaries.

The 340B program uses the same calculation—the Medicare disproportionate share adjustment percentage—to determine eligibility

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One-Third of Americans Lack a Source of Primary Care and Health Centers Can Close the Gap, Says Report

Map of United States depicting percentages of medically disenfranchised populations
Almost one-third of Americans lack access to a usual source of primary care, the National Association of Community Health Centers says in a new report.

More than 100 million Americans—almost one-third of the population, and many of them children—lack access to a usual source of primary care due to a shortage of providers in their community, leading to delays in care, poorer health outcomes, and

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