Study in Health Affairs Could Reignite Debate Over Some 340B Hospitals Charity Care

Researchers at The Johns Hopkins University found that nonprofit hospitals spend significantly less on charity care than government or for-profit hospitals.
A study published online by Health Affairs yesterday focused on nonprofit hospitals’ provision of charity care could renew drug manufacturers’ calls for more control over those hospitals’ participation in the 340B program.

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Survey: Pharma’s 340B Contract Pharmacy Actions are Putting the Squeeze on Hospitals

Nearly all (97 percent) of all 340B hospitals in a recent survey said they are impacted by drug manufacturers' curbs on contract pharmacy use. | Shutterstock
340B hospitals are under significant pressure due to drug manufacturers ending 340B discounts on drugs dispensed by contract pharmacies, hospital advocacy group 340B Health says in its latest annual member survey.

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Medicare’s 340B Drug Reimbursement Cuts in 2019 Were Exacerbated by Change in Drugs’ Payment Status

A change in Medicare Part B payment status for "an unusually high" number of drugs in 2019 led to "substantially" lower payments to 340B hospitals, congressional Medicare advisers said this week.
Medicare Part B drug payments to 340B hospitals “declined substantially” in 2019 because the payment status of “an unusually high number of drugs” changed that year, congressional Medicare advisers said in a report yesterday.

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Orphan Drug Study’s Authors Say Findings May Warrant Lifting 340B Exemption

Humira, one of the 15 partial orphan drugs examined in the new study in Health Affairs, had $13.7 billion in sales in 2018.
More than 70 percent of U.S. spending on top-selling “partial orphan drugs”—drugs for rare diseases that also are approved to treat common diseases—is for non-orphan indications, a study in latest edition of Health Affairs concludes. Policymakers who “wish to decrease
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PhRMA Slams 340B Hospitals in Report, AHA Returns Fire

The AHA contests PhRMA's conclusion in its new report that 340B program growth drives up drug costs for patients and employers.
The ability to generate profits through the 340B program prompts hospitals to buy physician practices and shift delivery of care to more costly hospital outpatient settings, driving up drug costs for patients and employers, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
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Half of Health Care Execs Surveyed Expect Biden to Act on Pharma’s 340B Pricing Denials

Half of health care industry executives surveyed last month think President Biden will take action against drug manufacturers that have stopped offering 340B pricing on their products. | Source: Advis
Half (50 percent) of a sample of health care industry C-suite executives surveyed last month expect the Biden administration to “formally obligate drug manufacturers to offer 340B pricing,” consulting firm Advis reports in its first health care industry leadership survey
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BREAKING: 28 State AGs—Including HHS Nominee Becerra—Want Action on Pharma 340B Pricing Denials. Also, New GAO Report on HRSA 340B Oversight. (Updated)

28 State AGs—Including HHS Nominee Becerra—Want Action on Pharma 340B Pricing Denials. Also, New GAO Report on HRSA 340B Oversight. Twenty-eight state attorneys general—including California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D), President-elect Biden’s nominee to be the next U.S. Health and
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