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One-third of health center leaders whose centers do not have an on-site pharmacy say they plan to open one in the next three years, a survey by 340B pharmacy management company Maxor 340B found.

With Screws Tightening on 340B Contract Pharmacy, More Health Centers Plan to Open their Own

One-third (33%) of community health center (CHC) senior executives whose organizations do not currently have an on-site pharmacy plan to open one in the next three years, a new survey shows.

340B pharmacy management company Maxor 340B released the survey findings yesterday. Seventy-five health center executives responded. Just under half (47%) are at the C suite level and more than one-third (38%) are pharmacy vice presidents, directors, or managers. The survey was conducted in January 2022.

The National Association of Community Health Centers reported in its 2021 annual health center chartbookthat, in 2020, 49% of health centers nationally provided pharmacy services on-site. There is extreme variation among states, however. Nearly all (96%) of Washington state health centers reported having an on-site pharmacy while none (0%) did in North Dakota. The data were from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC).

More than half (56%) of the respondents to Maxor 340B’s survey said their CHC has an on-site pharmacy.

National health center leaders say growth in drug manufacturer conditions on 340B pricing when covered entities use contract pharmacies is prompting CHCs to explore opening on-site pharmacies.

Sue Veer, President and CEO of Carolina Health Centers, said the Maxor 340B survey finding about CHCs plans to open an on-site pharmacy in the next three years “is spot on.”

“Given the threats to contract pharmacy, this is an important move to maintain access and affordability for our patients—not to mention the opportunity for clinical integration,” Veer said.

Maxor 340B said its survey shows that “the uncertain future of drug manufacturer participation” in 340B and “greater compliance challenges” are making it harder for CHCs to manage their 340B programs, which may lead more of them to rely on vendors “who can offer a single, responsive partnership.”

The survey report can be accessed here.  (Maxor 340B is a sponsor of 340B Report).

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