Evolving Payor Strategies to Control Spending on Specialty Medications


The challenges that ‘white bagging’ poses for patients and providers are gaining attention as more health plans mandate these policies. ‘White bagging’ disrupts traditional ‘buy-and-bill’ practices for provider-administered drugs, creating patient safety concerns, operational problems, and financial challenges for covered entities.

Impact of ‘White Bagging’ Policies on Covered Entities

In the traditional ‘buy-and-bill’ model, covered entities maintain control of

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HRSA’s Order for 340B is a Win for Rural Accountable Care

SPONSORED CONTENT by Dr. LeeAnn Scheer, Caravan Health

Safety net facilities are celebrating the May 17 HRSA letters to six drug manufacturers affirming they must provide drugs to covered entities through their contract pharmacies at the 340B ceiling price. This decision will help these facilities, many of them rural, stretch this federal program to improve their financial sustainability and continue to provide excellent care in

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“Need to Know” – Visante’s Series of Key Takeaways for HRSA Grantees

SPONSORED CONTENT by Kristin Fox-Smith and William Wood, Visante

Those of us actively engaged in the 340B Program are well aware of the scores of issues faced by participating hospitals and it’s not surprising since they account for an exceptionally large percentage of all HRSA audits. But, what about other types of Covered Entities (CEs), such as the Specialty Clinics and Grantees?

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What Covered Entities Should Know About Contracting with Specialty Pharmacies


By: Diana Sierra, MPH, VP, Contract Pharmacy Partnership & RVS Operations, Sentry Data Systems

For years, covered entities generated savings from the 340B program largely by contracting with retail pharmacies. Brick-and-mortar storefronts in their local communities, many of them trailblazing independent pharmacies, provided the most benefit for covered entities in the early years of the program.

In the past five or six

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Proven Strategies 340B Covered Entities Can Use to Enhance the Specialty Pharmacy Experience for Patients


By Brandon Newman, Pharm.D., MMHC, Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Trellis Rx

Delivering an excellent customer experience is crucial for 340B covered entities seeking to differentiate their in-house specialty pharmacy services from those of external specialty pharmacies. As in other industries, providing great service will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading not only to better clinical results but also to stronger financial growth.

At Trellis Rx, we partner with Zitter Insights, a division of MMIT, to regularly

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Top 10 Issues to Consider in 2021

SPONSORED CONTENT by Jim Jorgenson, CEO, Visante

2020 was a year like no other! Dominated by challenges and uncertainty with the pandemic and the economy, and the political landscape overshadowing everything.

As always, and particularly in the face of rising challenges, we would like to thank our many clients for trusting us to support their organizations and to help them weather the storm as we head into what will hopefully be a better 2021.

As we look ahead, as

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