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TIP: Don’t assume your contract pricing is correct on every account just because it’s correct on one account.

Account contracts are loaded individually, so some 340B, GPO, and even WAC prices can be inaccurate on single accounts. As the 340B program grows in size and complexity, we know staying on top of all the nuances affecting a program’s savings is increasingly challenging. Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Use the OPAIS 340B Ceiling Price Database: Compare program ceiling prices with wholesaler platform prices.
  • Check for Price Variations: Identical 340B accounts can have different prices for the same NDC. Ensure correct pricing by comparing individual account prices with the Ceiling Price Database.
  • Apply to GPO Accounts: While there’s no direct reference like the Ceiling Price Database, compare catalog prices across all accounts for frequently purchased items to ensure consistency.
  • Verify Invoice Prices: The price in an account catalog may differ from the invoice price. Ensure the catalog price matches the price paid, and correct discrepancies with a quick email to the wholesaler.

For further assistance, The Alinea Group offers automated tools to help entities manage their purchasing habits and compliance. Reach out today to learn more.

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