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TIP: Review 340B eligible locations, prescribers, and referral potential on a regular basis to ensure you are maximizing your 340B pull through.

The Problem: Covered entities and their child sites may have different locations that are 340B eligible. When setting up and transferring patient encounter information to your Third-Party Administrator (TPA), eligible locations may be missed. If using an NPI list, review and update the NPI list on a regular basis.

Patients who are referred to a specialist by their primary provider may receive a prescription, which may be 340B eligible, but not captured due to your program’s current setup.


The Solution: During routine audits, ensure you are reviewing and including eligible patient encounter information and eligible 340B locations which are shared with TPAs to maximize your 340B pull through.

Review your EMR data for patient referrals, medications being prescribed and dispensing pharmacies, to determine the contract pharmacy and referral partner relationship that is best for your covered entity.

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