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Q: Tell us some interesting details about your company’s history.

Ravin Consultants was founded by Jennifer Lockwood in 2017 to realize her life’s mission of ensuring everyone has access to the best health care possible, regardless of their cultural or socio-economic background. Starting with this dream, one client, and a handful of employees, Jennifer has built a thriving company that has bettered the lives of countless underprivileged patients across the United States.  Leveraging her 20 years’ experience in business operations and finance, including C-suite level management of 340B Drug Pricing Programs, Jennifer pulled together an elite multifunctional team of 14 all-stars including MBAs, PharmDs and ACE-Certified 340B experts to carry out her vision.

Since inception, Ravin Consultants has partnered with 45+ healthcare organizations to optimize their 340B programs and exponentially grow their margins. The resulting surplus of funding has allowed practices to amplify their services and expand their reach in providing quality and affordable access to care. Despite the progress made, Ravin Consultants still has so much to give – we are committed to tirelessly defending and promoting the 340B Drug Pricing Program, ensuring its benefits are maximized by all who qualify.

Q: Provide some fun facts about your company:

  • We are 100% woman-owned!
  • We are a family (and Family-Oriented).
  • Our office is a 1200 square foot addition to our founder’s home in sunny Florida.
  • Furry friends often join our team meetings.
  • We LOVE sports!
  • We are a diverse bunch of passionate, interesting people – our team boasts:
    • A blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    • A Disney Dancer
    • A National Tennis Champion
    • A Golden Globe Red Carpet Walker
    • A West-Berlin native, born when the wall was still up
    • A Year’s Supply of Oreo Cookies Winner
    • A “skoolie” who made a beautiful home out of a school bus
    • A trilingual PharmD
    • A world traveler of 26 countries and counting
    • A grandchild of a British Yeoman (Beefeater/Queen’s Guard)
    • A descendant of a Navy Sea Bee born in Yokosuka, Japan

Q: What makes your company unique in the 340B space?

Ravin Consultants is a dedicated and strategic partner for healthcare organizations serving vulnerable patients through the 340B Drug Pricing Program. Our vision aligns seamlessly with that of our healthcare partners: delivering the highest quality of care to every individual. What sets us apart from other 340B Program Consulting firms is our comprehensive approach. We offer not only 340B audits but also provide 340B implementation assistance, program optimization, and a holistic suite of 340B Drug Pricing Program solutions to enhance and grow your practice, including a proprietary customizable dashboard to track KPIs. Our team consists of passionate 340B experts who have started and grown successful 340B programs across the nation. Ravin Consultants prides itself on our full-service offerings, delivered with highly personalized, white-glove customer service. We transcend the role of mere 340B consultants; we have become steadfast partners in your mission to provide exceptional healthcare to those who need it most. When you seek a dedicated 340B consultant, trust Ravin Consultants to be your guide through the 340B Drug Pricing Program journey.

Q: What about your company’s work are you most proud of?

I founded Ravin Consultants with a vision to create a company that could transform industries, empower individuals, and make a lasting impact on the healthcare industry. Today, I couldn’t be prouder of how far we’ve come. Our journey of growth has been incredible, but what truly fills my heart with pride is the positive change we’ve brought to the lives of our team members, clients, and the communities we serve. The future is bright, and I am excited to see what more we can achieve together.” – Jennifer Lockwood, CEO & Founder of Ravin Consultants

For questions, please email Ravin Consultants at info@ravinconsultants.com.

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