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TIP: Expand your Ryan White 340B designation to include STDs to improve patient health outcomes and maximize your 340B savings.

Many Ryan White entities are not aware that they may already be eligible as an STD grantee for the 340B program. There are several benefits to utilizing an STD designation over a Ryan White designation, including:

  • Expanded patient care: With an STD designation, you can align more closely with your mission to ensure your at-risk patients stay safe and healthy from a broader set of diseases and infections.
  • Ability to serve more patients: By converting to a 340B STD Designation, your patient eligibility definition is expanded, extending your organization’s patient reach and increasing 340B generated revenue. Unlike the Ryan White 340B designation, which mostly captures HIV-positive patients, an STD designation allows you to capture patients with conditions such as Hepatitis C and individuals at risk of acquiring an STD, including those on PrEP.
  • Unrestricted use of 340B savings: Ryan White primarily covers HIV-positive patients, while an STD designation provides the flexibility to generate savings and allocate funds as needed within your organization and local community.  The STD designation allows you to provide the best care possible, including, but not limited to, expanding existing clinical and social-support services, curating new unfunded programming and activities, and supplementing administrative/salary expenses.
  • Less reporting requirements: It is critical to be a good steward of the 340B program and remain compliant. Transitioning to an STD designation reduces reporting obligations and can make it easier to do so. With a Ryan White designation, extensive budgeting and expenditure plans are required. Additionally, since the Ryan White program is payor of last resort, excess Ryan White Grant funds may need to be repaid to your Grant Administrator if your organization is unable to expend the grant funds after all 340B program revenue is spent.

Ryan White entities are not automatically eligible for an STD designation. In some instances, you may need to collaborate with your local government to secure additional grants or in-kind service contracts. If you have questions about converting your Ryan White designation to include STDs or need assistance liaising with local government officials, contact Ravin Consultants at

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