Do it Yourself: 340B Referral Prescription Capture Made Easy


Many covered entities are not aware of the opportunity to capture referral prescriptions. This includes ones that were initially determined to be non-eligible by your TPA but after a closer look in your EMR are deemed to be eligible. Don’t miss out on this valuable source of revenue for your 340B program by overlooking referral prescriptions. You may be overpaying inflated fees by outsourcing. However, you can easily learn to capture these prescriptions yourself—before they expire—or another round of manufacturer exclusions is announced. With the recent increase in manufacturer blocks, maximizing your 340B savings wherever possible is more important than ever.

This session will be valuable for both PharmaForce Covered Entities and non-PharmaForce Covered Entities. Join us to learn about the potential of referral prescriptions and how to capture them in-house.

We’ll show you how to use the NEW PharmaForce Referral Claims Manager Platform to:

  1. Maximize referrals and implement a compliant referral program
  2. Switch from outsourced contractors to in-house referral capture
  3. Learn how to properly identify eligible claims
  4. Utilize our easy “1-Click FAX” feature to quickly request Consult Notes from external providers
  5. Leverage proprietary platform tools to increase efficiency and reduce labor by up to 50%
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