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TIP: Nurture the relationship with your contract pharmacy affiliates to ensure regular orders are placed for 340B savings.

Savings for the covered entity in a contract pharmacy relationship are realized as a result of the pharmacies placing regular orders. While many pharmacies are eager to participate in the 340B program and experience some savings of their own, daily realities can be hectic and make ordering on the 340B account a lower priority. With ever-evolving manufacturer restrictions, the orderable accumulations the pharmacy was planning to catch up on can disappear on short notice.

CEs should nurture the relationship with their contract pharmacy affiliates and explore a few different options: 1) Educate the pharmacy team about the 340B landscape and how savings potential can be reduced due to manufacturer actions; 2) Enable the auto-order feature (if your TPA offers such functionality) so that orders can be generated without the need for staff involvement; 3) Enlist the help of your TPA to provide the pharmacy team an educational refresher on how to manage manual orders; 4) Renegotiate the PSA terms so savings are shared with the pharmacy in an alternate way.

A few gestures of outreach can result in a better informed pharmacy partner and greater savings for both parties.

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