Don Holladay and Stephanie Caiazzo of Cloudmed

Top Referral Specialties And Medications Driving 340B Savings


Cloudmed routinely analyzes aggregate data to identify 340B program trends and patterns that can provide useful client insights regarding referral prescriptions. Our 340B team observed two calendar years of data across more than 230 covered entity sites to understand which drugs, therapeutic classes, and medical specialties account for the largest savings realized through referral prescriptions within the contract pharmacy domain.

Top Level Findings

Hepatology And Hematology/Oncology Medications Account For Most Savings

In both CY 2020 and CY 2021, hepatology and hematology/oncology medications consistently account for more than 50% of the top ten medications realized within referral management.

Hepatology medications HARVONI, EPCLUSA, and SYPRINE – drugs used to treat hepatitis and liver disorders – were consistently ranked across both 2020 and 2021. The capture of neurology medications indicated for treating multiple sclerosis and Parkinsonism may soon overtake hepatology in providing the greatest savings yield for covered entities.

Referral Prescriber Trends

Cloudmed also observed which medications were most frequently identified within our covered entities’ 340B contract pharmacy programs through referral prescription capture.

Key findings

While some of the top-performing medications identified in our analysis are bracing for the introduction of generics and biosimilars, 340B eligibility and savings opportunities may still perform well as manufacturers negotiate for favorable Medicaid formulary placement and other incentives to maintain their relevance in the face of competition. Cloudmed recommends that covered entities periodically evaluate where their patients are receiving referral specialty care and nurture relationships with external providers to improve 340B prescription capture and program value.

Don Holladay, PharmD, 340B ACE, is VP of Business Development at Cloudmed, an R1 company. He can be reached at

Stephanie Caiazzo, MBA, is VP of Client Operations at Cloudmed, an R1 company. She can be reached at

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