Learn How to Sustainably Scale Your 340B Program


It’s a head-spinning Catch-22: Covered entities have never been more crucial to the well-being of community health—or more challenged to sustain their very existence. They’re dedicated to serving the most vulnerable patient communities in the United States, but constantly find themselves up against threats to the 340B program.

And yet, driven by a resolute commitment to patient care, many covered entities continue to expand their missions in the face of 340B dilemmas.

That’s why if you’re a covered entity looking to sustainably grow your 340B program in today’s ever-changing environment, I hope you’ll join me for an upcoming webinar you don’t want to miss:
Mission Possible: Future-Proofing Your 340B Program. On Tuesday, March 29th at 2 pm Eastern, we’ll be chatting with Karen Musgrove, CEO of Birmingham AIDS Outreach (BAO), about how her organization scaled its impact while continuing to offer personalized and compassionate community care. We’ll kick PowerPoint slides to the curb and instead engage in a lively discussion to find out how BAO went from being a grassroots AIDS Service Organization to offering a full array of LGBTQ+ services, including opening a LGBTQ+ youth center, wellness center, charter school, research institute, and legal program.

You’ll learn:

  • Why revisiting your mission statement is key to organizational growth
  • How partnering with other 340B experts can help you navigate challenges
  • The top considerations to keep in mind as you widen your service model

Registration is free and includes a post-session recording and bonus content. Can’t attend? No problem. Simply sign up and we’ll be sure to send you resources after the event.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Glen Pietrandoni is Senior VP, Patient and Community Advocacy at Avita Pharmacy. He can be reached at glen.pietrandoni@avitapharmacy.com.

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