Castle Family Health Centers Supports Excellence in Its 340B Program


For 340B covered entities, delivering quality care and providing access to services is critical for the wellbeing of the underserved patient populations in their communities.

When Castle Family Health Centers, a community health center in Merced County California with three locations, sought a partner to support the ongoing performance of their 340B program, their leadership looked for one who shared in the commitment to excellence in 340B program management and operations.

Their leadership sought to:

  • Ensure continued high-quality performance for their 340B program
  • Provide 340B knowledge and professional development resources for their team members
  • Achieve ongoing compliance with Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) regulations for 340B programs
  • Deliver support with resources for continual assessment of their 340B program and position it for future growth

After initial discussions, Castle Family Health Centers reached out to the CPS 340B Solutions team.  Since then, CPS has continued to deliver value.

“Even though we are a smaller operation, CPS was able to drive measurable value for our team.” says Edward Lujano, CEO of Castle Family Health Centers. “We are very pleased with both the product and the price point. I feel we got what we paid for and more. We trust what was told to us by the CPS Senior Consultant who explained details regarding 340B HRSA audits to help us better improve our systems.”

During their partnership, CPS has worked with Castle Family Health Centers as a resource for:

  1. Conducting a thorough 340B program compliance evaluation
  2. Creating a detailed preparation roadmap for future HRSA audits
  3. Regularly identifying opportunities to implement industry-recognized best practices
  4. Recommending process changes to ensure that continuous program regulatory and compliance requirements would be met

“CPS understood the community health center audit process very well.” Says Dawnita Castle, CFO of Castle Family Health Centers, “The CPS audit expert found a number of opportunities that we did not find when doing our own internal audit.”

Castle Family Health Centers’ leadership receives continuous support with necessary resources and the confidence that their organization will continue to approach the 340B program in the right way, ensuring peace-of-mind, while supporting a quality care experience for the covered entity’s patients.

You can read more about the results from their partnership here.

Kelly Kolker is Executive Vice President of 340B Solutions at CPS. For questions, she can be reached at

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