Expert Tip from Visante


TIP: Make sure your 340B team is highly trained and adequately staffed.

Take advantage of any and all training provided by TPA vendors for new staff. These training sessions are typically at no cost to the Covered Entity.  Several TPA vendors offer videos embedded in their platforms that your staff can review when it is convenient.  In addition, many provide webinars as new functionality is released.

Encourage attendance at webinars and conferences to allow your staff to network and learn from experts in the 340B field.  This is critical for ongoing collaboration with other stakeholders and to develop a network of program support resources.

Investigate the Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate program to provide your staff with a comprehensive overview of the 340B program.  Many covered entities cover the cost of the program to ensure their 340B team has a strong foundation. Apexus also provides educational offerings at no cost covering more focused topics. These are great ways to ensure you are up-to-date in all things 340B.

Many covered entities struggle to properly staff their 340B team and this is becoming a greater challenge with our current competitive labor market. It is not always possible to find qualified candidates. Whether you have a growing program in need of resources or face an unexpected staffing shortage, identifying a partner to work alongside your team to fill in the gaps short-term or long-term is an important part of planning. We suggest making sure you have highly trained resources, like Visante, lined up in case you need them quickly.

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