Melissa Palchak Opraseuth, SVP Operations, Cloudmed, an R1 company

Melissa Palchak Opraseuth

Q: Where did you grow up?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As my team knows, I love to spot fellow ‘burgh natives in the field.

Q: Where did you go to college/graduate school?

I received my undergraduate degree from University of Michigan Honors College and my PharmD from University of Michigan. I did my postdoc fellowship with Northeastern and Cubist.




Q: What are your favorites?

Food: Anything spicy

Movie: Cars I, II, III (I wish I was kidding, but since I have young kids, this is my current reality)

Musician: The Beatles

Destination: Laos, Ireland

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

Travel, live music or comedy, family reunions, a little art, and a lot of chasing my 2-going-on-12-year-old son and 5-month-old daughter.

Q: What kind of work does your company do in 340B and what makes it stand out?

We help clients recover more 340B savings through Referral Capture and Ineligible Claims Capture, allowing them to invest more back into their patients’ care. In my humble opinion, we’re unique in many ways — Most important, our product, technology, and operations teams work closely to continue delivering best in class offerings. We have not only built scalable tech to support all client workflows, but we’re also constantly releasing improvements given this ever-changing 340B environment.  Our ethos of ‘compliance-first, then program expansion’ has served us well, having brought $200MM+ in revenue back to organizations — with zero HRSA audit findings.

Q: Why did you choose to work in the 340B space?

It’s fair to say I came to 340B for the opportunity to bring a completely new scalable tech and service to safety net healthcare providers — and I stayed because the 340B community (our clients, our team) is a delight to work with.

Q: What do you feel is your most significant contribution to the 340B world or to a 340B customer/client?

What’s better than knowing your work directly improves access to care for patients? We love hearing stories about how our clients are using the revenue we help bring them to provide more and better care for patients, add new services, hire new staff, etc. We share each story with our team.

Q: What advice do you have for a young professional who has recently launched a career in the 340B space?

Work really hard and be nice. The 340B community is wonderful — kindness and some elbow grease go a long way.


For questions, Melissa can be reached at melissa.opraseuth@cloudmed.com.

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