Expert Tip from Cervey


TIP: Don’t leave money on the table. Referral capture provides a unique opportunity to maximize savings for your 340B program, but it’s essential to ensure accurate referral validation through automated tools, industry expertise and clear, compliant protocols.

Referral capture offers a unique opportunity to maximize savings within your 340B program. Automated tools offer a streamlined approach to referral identification. However, it’s important to not stop at automation. Validation of referral opportunities can be a heavy lift on your 340B team – especially if you are already under-resourced.

By partnering with a solution offering validation in addition to identifying referral opportunities, you can reduce the margin of error and ensure that only eligible prescriptions are included. When defining an eligible referral prescription with your referral capture partner, incorporate 340B consultants, steering committees and any compliance teams that support the covered entity to be a part of the decision-making process. This is a critical step to balance the potential for increased 340B access while not sacrificing compliance.

Clear protocols are essential for maintaining consistency and accuracy in the referral validation process. These protocols should outline the steps for validating referrals, including the criteria for patient eligibility and prescription verification, to ensure thorough and comprehensive validation practices.

By prioritizing accurate referral validation through automated tools, industry expertise, and clear protocols, covered entities can maximize savings – and ultimately improve patient care.

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