340B Webinar—State of 340B in 2024: Biggest Developments Expected this Year


Join our webinar for a comprehensive exploration of the current status of the 340B program, featuring a review of major industry trends from 2023 and key developments anticipated for 2024.
We’ll discuss what entities should expect and prepare for in the upcoming year, addressing crucial questions about manufacturer restrictions and potential Congressional actions.

Key Points from the 2023 Year in Review:

  • Manufacturer Restrictions: A review of the past year’s events and their current impact on the 340B Program participants.
  • HRSA’s Enhanced Authority: Notably, four entities were removed from the 340B Program, signaling a more assertive approach by HRSA.
  • Leadership Change at OPA: We’ll examine the potential impact of the change in leadership at the Office of Pharmacy Affairs on the program.

Upcoming Challenges:

  • Federal Appeals Court Opinions: Stay tuned for anticipated opinions from two federal appeals courts that could significantly impact the program.
  • Genesis v. HRSA Patient Definition Battle: Explore the ongoing legal battle and its potential implications for the 340B Program.
  • Congress’s considerations and potential legislation in the works for 2024.
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