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BREAKING: Eli Lilly Comment on Today's Actions

After publication, 340B Report received the following comment from Eli Lilly and Co. on its actions that we reported on today:

Report after report shows 340B is not working for patients and needs reform. We support recent executive action on 340B that sought to make insulin available to low-income patients at the same price at which it was purchased. A 340B patient filling their prescription for a penny-priced Lilly insulin at any participating contract pharmacy will be able to do so at the same price we sell it for under the program – approximately 10 cents. We will continue to sell all our medicines to eligible 340B covered entities and their patients.

Lilly is committed to the 340B program and the patients it was created to serve, but the program needs reform to better define who is entitled to discounts, determine hospital eligibility, and clarify what role contract pharmacies should appropriately play. Although we are taking individual steps as a company to make this happen, all stakeholders in the system should come together to make sustainable reform possible.

340B Report will be getting further reaction on Eli Lilly’s actions in the coming days.

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