Fiasp insulin bottle
Novo Nordisk announced refunds for 340B overcharges on six NDCs including one for Fiasp insulin.

Drug Manufacturer 340B Overcharge Notices Reach New Record, Novo Nordisk Is the Latest

With more than six months to go in the year, the number of refunds that drug manufacturers have had to provide to 340B providers has already topped the previous annual record of 17.  Drug manufacturer Novo Nordisk becomes the 21st manufacturer to post a notice on the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) website.

Novo Nordisk, which is based in Denmark, says in its notice that it is providing 340B covered entities refunds for overcharges on six NDCs during Q3 2019 “due to revisions made to its Medicaid pricing data.” The refunds are for purchases of Saxenda (for child obesity), Fiasp (insulin), and Ozempic and Victoza (non-insulin antidiabetics).  

Novo Nordisk said it will work through Apexus, the HRSA 340B Prime Vendor, to issue the refunds. The notice includes contact information if an entity believes that it is due a refund and is not contacted by Apexus by July 15, 2022.

This is the second time this year that Novo Nordisk has posted a refund notice. It is one of the 17 manufacturers that imposes conditions on 340B pricing when covered entities use contract pharmacies.  Seven of those companies have posted overcharge notices this year. The government has told them they are breaking the 340B law and the manufacturers are now challenging the government’s interpretation of the law in federal courts.

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