Cheat Sheet
340B Report Publisher and CEO Ted Slafsky's latest column for Verity Solutions is a cheat sheet for the growing number of groups using "340B" in their names.

A Cheat Sheet to New Groups that Use “340B” in Their Names

With so many advocacy groups using the term “340B” in their name these days, it’s easy to confuse one with another. Ted Slafsky’s latest column for Verity Solutions is a guide to the menagerie.

Slafsky, publisher and CEO of 340B Report, describes five of the newest groups: 340B Truth, CV340B, ASAP 340B (plus AIR 340B, an older, different group with some of the same DNA), Let340B, and 340B Matters. He briefly explains each one’s stance on 340B, who’s behind the group, and its recent or most noteworthy actions.

“As things heat up in the 340B space, I would not be surprised to see other groups pop up in the coming months,” Slafsky wrote. “I will make sure to keep you updated.”

Read Slafsky’s column here.