Q: Tell us some interesting details about your company’s history.

Sectyr was founded to achieve the goal of helping our customers with Continuous Program Compliance. While we have many customers who use our platform to help with their 340B program, we also have a comprehensive suite of compliance products to help with 330 grants, accreditation, and license management. 

The team at Sectyr has decades of collective expertise in healthcare information technology, clinical domains, compliance departments, and healthcare operations. This first-hand experience working throughout the continuum of healthcare enables the Sectyr team to think like a customer and remain relevant in the continuously evolving environment of healthcare compliance.

Q: Provide some fun facts about your company:


  • Sectyr has employees distributed across 11 states
  • The vast majority of employees have worked together at other companies before Sectyr
  • Sectyr was honored as a recipient of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces
  • Sectyr acquired LicenseTrak in 2021
  • Sectyr was featured on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies

Q: What makes your company unique in the 340B space?

Sectyr’s approach to compliance is unique in the industry as we use advanced tools, and workflow solutions to achieve Continuous Program Compliance. We are the only system that coordinates all parts of the 340B compliance tasks together and allows program participants to see their program compliance status 24X7. This allows our customers to be proactive with their compliance and ensures their program success.

Q: What about your company’s work are you most proud of?

I am proud of our team’s ability to take on the normally difficult task of compliance and build an innovative solution that makes the process easier. Our use of intelligent workflows and automation creates an indispensable tool for our customer base. However, I am most proud of our team’s work ethic and commitment to our customers. The Sectyr team is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are successful.

Click here to learn more about Sectyr or for questions email Info@Sectyr.com.

Taken at 340B Coalition – Winter Conference – January 2024 (from left to right) Craig Frost, President & COO, Laurie Cramer, VP of Sales, James Lawson, Founder & CEO, and Danielle Boehm, Customer Services Manager

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