United Therapeutics pushed back a contract pharmacy claims data sharing requirement for 340B covered entities from today to Sept. 1.

United Therapeutics Delays its 340B Claims Data Upload Requirement

United Therapeutics is holding off on requiring 340B covered entities to turn over their contract pharmacy claims data in order to get 340B pricing on drugs shipped to those pharmacies. The policy was supposed to take effect today. It will now take effect Sept. 1.

In a May 11 memo to covered entities, the company said it “will accept 340B contract pharmacy orders placed on or after September 1, 2021 only if the covered entity also has agreed to provide to United Therapeutics Corporation, and is providing on an ongoing basis, claims data associated with all 340B contract pharmacy orders of United Therapeutics Corporation’s covered outpatient drugs placed after September 1, 2021 via a platform hosted by a third party with appropriate security and patient privacy safeguards.”

In April, United Therapeutics told covered entities that drug industry 340B ESP was its 340B contract pharmacy claims data vendor.

The company did not respond to a request for comment about why it pushed back its 340B claims submission policy’s date by more than four months. It is one of six drug manufacturers that have stopped providing 340B pricing on their products shipped to contract pharmacies, or imposed conditions on such pricing.

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