340B Report Publisher and Chief Executive Officer Ted Slafsky tells 340B stakeholders in his latest column for Omnicell what to expect if Republicans take over Congress.

340B Report Publisher and CEO Forecasts What to Expect After November Congressional Elections

340B Report Publisher and Chief Executive Officer Ted Slafsky says in his latest column for Omnicell’s blog that “all signs foretell a Republican takeover of the House and a very good possibility of the GOP assuming control of the closely divided Senate” after the November 2022 elections for Congress.

“This will have significant implications for the 340B drug pricing program, not only for policy but also for the key players setting the agenda,” Slafsky says.

His article discusses factors that point to a major shakeup in Washington, D.C., the implications of a GOP takeover of Congress for the 340B program, and what stakeholders should expect “if there is a red wave in November.”

You can read Slafsky’s article here.

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