Clovis Oncology has decided for now not to implement Kalderos’ 340B Pay service to pay 340B ceiling prices as rebates instead of as discounts.

Clovis Oncology Reverses Decision to Use Kalderos’ 340B Pricing-as-Rebate System

Drug manufacturer Clovis Oncology has decided for now not to implement drug discount management company Kalderos’ 340B Pay service to let drug companies pay 340B ceiling prices as back-end rebates instead of as front-end discounts, Kalderos said late yesterday.

“We can confirm Clovis has decided not to implement our 340B Pay solution at this time, though we continue️ to️ collaborate️ with️ them more broadly,” Kalderos said. “We have other manufacturers interested in moving forward with 340B Pay and remain committed to leveraging our technology to simplify 340B program participation and create greater transparency for all stakeholders.”

Last week, a hospital’s 340B authorizing official got an email from Clovis and Kalderos that said, “You received an email on the week of November 1 informing you that Clovis Oncology, Inc. (“Clovis”) was partnering with Kalderos to effectuate 340B drug discounted prices for 340B contract pharmacies.”

“We are writing today to notify you that Clovis has made the decision not to implement this program at this time,” the email continues. “Accordingly, there is no requirement for covered entities to sign up for a Kalderos 340B Pay account. Clovis’ products remain available through all of the channels through which they have been available historically.”

Hospital 340B program managers early this month reported getting an email from Kalderos announcing the launch of 340B Pay and a component called Kalderos Request. The message linked to an FAQ. It said any covered entity “that dispenses a drug participating in the platform can sign up for 340B Pay and submit a rebate request.”

“In the case of your contract pharmacies, all drugs in the Kalderos Drug Discount Management platform will no longer be able to be purchased at a 340B price and replenished to a contract pharmacy,” the FAQ said. “Instead, you will need to ensure contract pharmacy claims representing eligible 340B transactions are submitted with all necessary claims data elements in order to receive a 340B rebate from the drug manufacturer.”

Some 340B stakeholders said early this month they were told that Clovis would start using 340B Pay on Dec. 1 to provide 340B pricing as rebates on its oral ovarian cancer medicine Rubraca when it is dispensed by contract pharmacies.