Fatimah Muhammad, Director, 340B Pharmaceutical Svcs & Drug Replacement, Saint Peter’s University Hospital

Fatimah Muhammad

Q: If a friend came to visit you in your hometown, where would you take them? Where would you take them in your state?

Hometown: I would take them to a Yankee game or a Knicks Game regardless if they were a fan, as there is nothing like attending a game in The Big Apple. I would love it if they came during the US Open to have that once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, during New York fashion week, we would have to grace a few fashion shows and at least one Broadway show. I would let them experience the gems of New York City and Brooklyn accompanied by an ultimate brunch and an afternoon at the Summit.

State: I would take them to dinner at the Westlight in Brooklyn, NY, or the Electric Lemon in Hudson Yards with an NYC skyline that has breathtaking views.

Q: Tell us about your health care facility.

Size: Saint Peter’s University Hospital is a non-profit, 478-licensed-bed acute care teaching hospital. Saint Peter’s has been designated by the state of New Jersey as a Specialty Acute Care Children’s Hospital, Regional Perinatal Center, and Stroke Center that operates one of the largest maternity services in New Jersey and in the country.

Service area and population: Middlesex County hosts a population of 863,183 and populations from the Tri-State, and abroad.

Safety net mission: Saint Peter’s University Hospital’s mission is to minister to the whole person, body, and spirit while preserving the dignity and sacredness of each life. Saint Peter’s University Hospital is pledged to the creation of an environment of mutual support among their employees, physicians, and volunteers and to the education and training of healthcare personnel. Saint Peter’s University Hospital witnesses in our community to the highest ethical and moral principles in pursuit of excellence and patient safety.

Unique characteristic: We serve every patient regardless of insurance coverage, uninsured, race, or religion.

Q: What are some concrete examples of how your facility has benefitted from the 340B program?

Saint Peter’s University Hospital has expanded the How Lane Family Center which has enabled the organization to serve more patients and provide more maternal healthcare, outpatient services, social services, and additional services to afford new moms the ability to focus on their children’s health needs.

Q: What makes you most proud of your work and your organization?

I am humbled and gratified for every patient that was once hopeless of receiving healthcare is afforded healthcare on behalf of Saint Peter’s University Hospital. Being a part of an organization that lives up to its mission touches each patient and family with more than just hope.

Q: How has your facility benefitted from the services of your 340B vendors/contractors?

Our vendors and contractors have been an extension of our team and play a crucial role in the success of our program.

Q: What advice do you have for 340B covered entities or staff that are new to the program?

Always adhere to HRSA compliance guidelines, and have strong communication with all stakeholders, contractors, vendors, and internal and external teams. Be open to a dialogue with other 340B entities and stay up to date on laws and regulations with drug manufacturers, and 340B health news. Having a dedicated team that continues to educate staff about the program and informing providers and staff how the program is benefitting their patients and entity as a whole is a recipe for a successful program. The program is complex and has evolved over the years; therefore, it is imperative to be current and to keep your CFO and entity informed of the ongoing changes and impact of your 340B program. Having a CFO that is well-versed in the 340B program also makes a huge difference.


To learn more about Saint Peter’s University Hospital, visit its website here. For questions,  Fatimah can be reached at fmuhammad@saintpetersuh.com.