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To mark 340B's 30th anniversary, 340B Report Publisher and CEO Ted Slafsky devoted his latest column for Omnicell to the top 20 moments in the program's history.

Top 20 Moments in 340B’s History

Friday is the 340B program’s 30th anniversary. To mark this milestone, 340B Report Publisher and CEO Ted Slafsky devotes his latest column for Omnicell to a remembrance of 20 key moments “that have had the greatest impact on this very important program.”  

Slafsky has been immersed in the 340B program for over 25 years. This included his tenure as President and CEO of 340B Health for over 10 years ending in 2018. Slafsky launched 340B Report in 2020.

The developments include:

  • 340B’s creation in 1992
  • 340B contract pharmacy guidelines in 1996 and 2010
  • Issuance of the 340B patient definition in 1996
  • The Affordable Care Act’s passage in 2010
  • HRSA’s ill-fated 340B mega-reg and mega-guidance in 2014
  • Drug manufacturer conditions on 340B contract pharmacy starting in 2020.

Click here for the full column.

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