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Bausch Health today tightened its conditions on 340B pricing involving deliveries to contract pharmacies.

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Bausch Health Tightens its Conditions on 340B Pricing to All Covered Entities

Bausch Health this morning updated its conditions on 340B pricing involving deliveries to contract pharmacies to all covered entities. It is the fifth drug maker this month to either impose such conditions for the first time (Organon and Teva) or tighten existing ones (Novo Nordisk and Exelixis).

Twenty-three manufacturers have adopted such policies. Bausch is one of seven whose conditions apply to all entity types.

Under its original policy announced July 1, 2022, entities could keep placing bill to / ship to replenishment orders for delivery to more than one contract pharmacy if the entities agreed to submit 340B claims through industry vendor 340B ESP. Bausch is discontinuing that option effective June 26.

Bausch also is ending its exemption for contract pharmacies that are wholly owned by an entity or have common ownership with the entity.

As before, if an entity lacks an in-house pharmacy capable of dispensing Bausch products, it may designate one contract pharmacy to do so. However, this pharmacy now must be located within 40 miles of the covered entity’s parent site. Entities may designate a wholly owned pharmacy as their one-allowed contract pharmacy.

“For a covered entity’s eligible contract pharmacy locations to take effect on June 26, 2023, the entity must designate by June 16, 2023,” Bausch’s notice said.