Q: Tell us some interesting details about your company’s history.

At CPS Solutions, LLC. (CPS), we’ve been partnering with healthcare organizations to transform pharmacy results for over 50 years.

In the 340B space, CPS was one of the first companies to help covered entities launch their 340B programs 30+ years ago. Today, our mission continues as we help hundreds of clients maintain program compliance, maximize 340B savings, and enhance vital community healthcare services through our comprehensive 340B and specialty pharmacy solutions.

800+ healthcare customers across the U.S. and Puerto Rico rely on our proven expertise and innovative, proprietary technology to improve patient care and outcomes while enhancing financial results and operational performance.

Q: Provide some fun facts about your company:

  • The CPS 340B Solutions team has a 4.98 out of 5 customer satisfaction score, which we’re extremely proud of.
  • We’ve completed over 500 independent compliance reviews in the last 10 years, with a 100% historical accuracy rate of identifying gaps and corrective actions before an official HRSA audit. That’s why our customer satisfaction score is so high.
  • CPS has 2,500+ healthcare professionals across care settings.
  • Every single member of the 340B team at CPS is an Apexus Certified Expert (ACE).


Q: What makes your company unique in the 340B space?

With a combined 200+ years of experience, all of our consultants have previously overseen 340B programs first-hand. As such, we offer a full suite of 340B services – from individual program audits to complete remote program monitoring and savings optimization strategies.

At CPS, we don’t just work with one specific type of covered entity. Our 340B team brings on-the-ground experience leading 340B programs across all entity types: large health systems, DSH, CAH, RRC, SCH, FQHCs, Ryan White, hemophilia programs, and all other types of hospitals and grantees.

Q: What about your company’s work are you most proud of?

Remote Monitoring is the most comprehensive (and is really the pinnacle) of our compliance services. We started offering this service to clients who had an immediate need due to losing a key member of their 340B team, most commonly a director-level role. With this service, CPS remotely monitors each and every aspect of an entity’s 340B Program, so our clients can be assured they have a best-in-class, nationally recognized ACE running their program. This solution also enables entities to free up their pharmacy team members and allow them to focus on other aspects of patient care. With remote monitoring, our experts can come in and make an immediate impact on Day 1, safeguarding our clients’ 340B programs with rigorous and comprehensive oversight.

Visit the CPS website to learn more. For questions, contact CPS here.

These smiling faces are members of Team CPS in sunny San Diego for the 340B Coalition 2024 Winter Conference 😄

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